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Month: November, 2011

Industry Terminology

4 November, 2011 (15:48) | General | By: admin

Many customers think that any qualified translator can easily translate the text of any subject. Usually this happens when the translator is taken as the overall theme of the text, but with other types of text is not the case simple. To understand this situation the customer is enough to open a book from a […]

Remember Irregular Verbs

2 November, 2011 (20:25) | General | By: admin

that the most difficult to learn English (and not just English) language? Of course, grammar. In particular, the irregular verbs. They, along with a lot of times, scare all the newbies, and seasoned students of the language. And if times you can sort through and remember, that with irregular verbs such will not work. They […]

Weekly Environmental Newsletters EcoportalRu

2 November, 2011 (10:32) | General | By: admin

Topics of issue: Investigating the disaster in the Kerch Strait suspended. Russia went on the ‘winter’. The Americans brought the cat glowing in the dark. MNR proposes to limit government regulation of the circulation of waste. Volga River threatens ecological disaster. —- FocusNote cat that was shone by itself … Greenpeace filed a lawsuit against […]