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Month: April, 2012

Infantile Education

20 April, 2012 (20:00) | General | By: admin

The game and trick as methodologies to the teach-learning of the child of 04 and 05 years in the infantile education the school is considered as a place to learn and to teach, more also is place to play, to play, to dance, to sing and etc. consecrated Authors affirm that to work the education […]

Two Imperative

15 April, 2012 (23:18) | General | By: admin

If the psychic apparatus dominates the rejection, remains the criterion that reality coincides with the self, and an act may be because of being or not an object. The rejection is opposed to a categorical imperative. With reference to the categorical imperative refers to a process that develops from the superego, and the power of […]

United States Enemy

6 April, 2012 (07:48) | General | By: admin

If it is not natural, it will still be a mother-child, boy or girl, and her children must come under its influence. Due to the fact that women have always ruled, humiliated her, turning her into a faceless creature, it was disgusting. They became aggressive, uncompromising, masculine. But they can be understood: oppression for centuries […]