Infantile Education

The game and trick as methodologies to the teach-learning of the child of 04 and 05 years in the infantile education the school is considered as a place to learn and to teach, more also is place to play, to play, to dance, to sing and etc. consecrated Authors affirm that to work the education inserting the citizen in the context becomes necessary to leave thus of what it knows and to stimulate the interest and the advance in the performance of the learning. For the child of 04 and 05 years in the Infantile Education, the games, the cultural tricks, musics, dances, activities are methodologies that construct and improve the development and the infantile maturation of the abilities and potentialities. In this way the value can be perceived that is contained in the content of a game in relation to the period of training of development where the child if finds, that is, as the child acquires knowledge and reasons. Jogos3 and brincadeiras4 is efficient methodologies for the development of the logical reasoning of the child and appears in diversified formats and can more than be used in a content, despertando different cognitivas abilities, the attention, the initiative, the memory, the visual perception, socialization, the promptitude and etc.

From the game and of the trick the child transforms the Real. When playing, it lives situations and models of as to dominate the reality, disclosing loaded situations of emotions and affection and thus go organizing logical and contradictions gifts in the society. More than what to accept rules, the child the reelabora in a creative process, combining them enters itself and constructing from them new possibilities of interpretation and representation of the Real. Of this form, to play and to play if constitute in forms importantssimas for the development of the children, helping them to understand it the world better where they live.

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Two Imperative

If the psychic apparatus dominates the rejection, remains the criterion that reality coincides with the self, and an act may be because of being or not an object. The rejection is opposed to a categorical imperative. With reference to the categorical imperative refers to a process that develops from the superego, and the power of this imperative derives from the effectiveness of psychological death of the father as an ideal. That is, powerful and hostile father was elevated to a categorical imperative protective. Protective to the extent that it allows the support of think, the release of the immediacy of experiencing, of perceiving, of pretending.

Maintaining the term implies the rejection of auto-eroticism, and this leads to a compulsion to speak, to refute permanently traumatizing trial. As the teacher out of control, incurring the verbal excesses against the judgments of their students and that move their position. The rejection produces a particular effect on the sense of conviction, which is usually tied to represent the thinking processes, not perceptions, that is, they believe what they think, not what is perceived. Another effect of the dismissal is the metaphorical loss of capacity, capacity that has a requirement for maintaining the sense of conviction. The superego has three functions: self-observation, moral consciousness, formation of ideals, which is the fundamenteal, because of the formation of those ideals derive the two remaining functions. The denial is directed against the self-observation, which decreed the removal or the approach I respect to the ideal. Maintaining this powerless denied criticism of moral conscience, as the powerful all are allowed, are beyond good and evil.

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United States Enemy

If it is not natural, it will still be a mother-child, boy or girl, and her children must come under its influence. Due to the fact that women have always ruled, humiliated her, turning her into a faceless creature, it was disgusting. They became aggressive, uncompromising, masculine. But they can be understood: oppression for centuries has made them so, and blame the man. Consider the motion of feminists. Now around the world gather activists liberation of women's movement in order to raise the level of his consciousness. But their meeting pursue only one goal: to destroy the very nature of women.

Only in this way they could compete with men. But women differ in tenderness, they are delicate by nature. If they want to compete with men, they would have to be rude. al Group. If you are faced with an activist for the rights of women, you would see that her face has become stringent features. It is hard to tell her "Babe." She gets mad, it's not like it. Why "Babe," it is the same as you. In the United States, where feminism has become the extreme form, women can sue only for the fact that the man let her go ahead. Her it supposedly offends.

She believes that man shows by this gesture of inequality that it is lower, weaker than him. Women's feminist movement creates unnecessary trouble. It turns women into wolves, it teaches them to fight. Male – an enemy, but as you can love an enemy? How can I do to have intimate relations with the enemy? Women need to know that any struggle leading to the coarsening.

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