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Month: August, 2012

Education and Knowledge

29 August, 2012 (12:17) | General | By: admin

One understands that all education is also education of the body. However, the practical subject pertaining to school educating for certain immobility. It is necessary not alone to work with the body, but also the educator to feel, to perceive and to understand the importance of the efetivao of activities that develop the corporal aspect […]


28 August, 2012 (21:47) | General | By: admin

Relation professor-pupil and the motivation of the pupil in basic education the daily pertaining to school is permeado by many situations, and amongst them, a fact lived deeply in my pertaining to school period marked deeply my experience as pupil. As pupil, he had that to be submissa and aptica, therefore the professor did not […]


25 August, 2012 (05:40) | General | By: admin

The period that we will go to study, properly said, will be of 1896 to the 1934, tempoem that Vigotskiesteve in the world. Let us see such concept of Marx: ' ' to construct a new society through the Social' ' ; it is possible to conclude that all we want a society, more human […]

So Paulo

16 August, 2012 (13:55) | General | By: admin

Homgrafas: equal words in the different writing and in the Homfonas pronunciation: equal words in the pronunciation and different in the writing. Perfect: equal words in the pronunciation and the writing. Paronmia: It is the relation that if establishes between two or more words that they possess different meanings, but are very seemed in the […]

Infantile Education

6 August, 2012 (23:25) | General | By: admin

The proposal donates to Jose Auri Wedge, in the cited text presents many positive points, which can be applied and be adapted for that they deal with the education infantile. This argues that the subjects to be worked in the Infantile Education or classroom must leave of what the child already lived deeply as the […]

Brazilian Constitution

1 August, 2012 (12:17) | General | By: admin

Today the municipal net of So Paulo counts on 304 deficient students of a total of registered 40 a thousand in 124 units pertaining to school. The subject inclusion of deficient children is present today in the day the day of the education, the professors is perceiving that the differences not only must be accepted, […]