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Month: September, 2012

Public Relations Development

29 September, 2012 (12:46) | General | By: admin

In the last times we follow the behavior of the human beings and the impacts that are being caused in the Environment and the society. The exacerbado development of the population ally the globalization is causing catastrophes that threaten to each day that passes the life in this Planet. Observing this picture we perceive that […]


27 September, 2012 (18:32) | General | By: admin

Supery has three functions: autoobservacin, brings back to consciousness moral, formation of ideals, that is the fundamenteal, because from the constitution of these ideals they derive the two remaining functions. The denied one goes against the autoobservacin, that it decrees distance or the approach of I with respect to the ideal. The maintenance of this […]

School Adaptation

23 September, 2012 (02:32) | General | By: admin

The occured cultural changes in recent years, mainly the ingression of the woman in the dynamisms of the society, the children anticipatedly coexist people who are not, necessarily, of the familiar nucleus. Therefore, the study of the subject is considered of significant relevance to understand the establishment of the significant relations with other diverse citizens […]


21 September, 2012 (21:01) | General | By: admin

Eliel Manasses of the Rock Professor: Davi de Miranda University Center Leonardo of the Vinci? UNIASSELVI Geography (GED 0611)? History of the Education. 18/06/2010 SUMMARY the renascentista thought brought many changes in the life of the man, mainly in if treating to the interpretation given regarding its vision of world. In this period the being […]


19 September, 2012 (01:40) | General | By: admin

In this training process of logical thought in early grades of primary school, one of the subjects of higher incidence of it is, without doubt, the mathematics because it has a style of reasoning: brevity of expression, the process of structured reflection accurately, the lack of logical leaps and accuracy in symbology, which are characteristic […]

Educative School

16 September, 2012 (21:17) | General | By: admin

Educative the previous one can be carried through of some forms where the pupil can in such a way effect passed and the jumps of front as of side and to make it difficult a little he can be considered that he is even become fullfilled of coasts and with the together feet. 4.3 – […]

To Educate A Dog

14 September, 2012 (19:25) | General | By: admin

Everything what your dog learns during its first year of life will leave it noticeable for always, of there the great importance of a correct education during this one time, but you are not discouraged if your dog already has more than 1 year of age; still you can improve some things in him; although […]

Sustainable Education

7 September, 2012 (12:17) | General | By: admin

The Ambient Education is seen today as a perspective of active change of the reality and the conditions of life, for intermediary of the happened awareness of the reflective social process in diverse formal educative spaces and not-deeds of division. Under this vision the main objective of this article is to reflect on the importance […]