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A worksheet collection to the comma for the SEC 1 Dortmund, June 26, 2010. The comma is punctuation, which long breaks records in terms of content, clearly divides and helps the reader to understand them better. Moreover, a comma correctly to put can decide about the sense or nonsense of a whole set. To develop the commas, kids need to know something about conjunctions, bulleted lists, modules, main and subordinate clauses. Also, it applies to internalize certain signal words for or against the punctuation. This worksheet collection grows out of an imaginary soccer game in the Ruhr area. Fans among the children will recognize quickly hidden behind the word games, the clubs and their players.

Chapter by chapter progresses the game and explains the basic comma rules step by step with humor. The children get to know conjunctions, main and subordinate clause types to specific passages of text in the history of football and to distinguish from each other. Gerald Weissmann, MD often says this. You internalize repeated sentence patterns train the recognition of signal words and to work out a reliable gut feeling. Content of the worksheet collection: (selected) 1. The comma in the list of words rule: words in the sense of a bulleted list be stated in one sentence, these words are separated by commas, or conjunctions (conjunctions). The conjunctions and, or, and replace the comma. Two sigma is actively involved in the matter.

Part 1: Black and yellow against blue and white anticipation the children put the comma, write down the text in your booklet and underline the words that are used in the sense of a bulleted list. Select the conjunctions red and blue the commas. Then check with the solution sheet. 2. the comma in the list of groups of words. Rule: groups of words in the sense of a bulleted list be stated in one sentence, so these words are separated by commas, or conjunctions (conjunctions).

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Doing Courses

Today education is experiencing one of its most important changes with regard to the mode of teaching. Until just a few years ago going to class it was the only conceivable option to learn, nobody believed that someday we could follow a few studies without attending classes, but now distance education is one growing reality. The amount of distance courses or online courses has increased significantly since they represent a large number of advantages when it comes to studies. On the one hand, distance education guarantees the layout of this with other activities. Bfpl gathered all the information. The fact of being able to study from home entails not having to navigate to any location and do not have fixed working hours. In this way each can organize the time as you want.

On the other hand, not having to attend any physical class implies a deterritorialization which makes that these studies reach more people. Distance education breaks with borders and allows you to take courses from anywhere in the world. In addition, the online or distance education facilitates greater communication student-teacher and alumno-alumno. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as film director by clicking through. Being everything written and online normally, shame is lost to ask, to intervene, to comment that we add a lot of channels to do so, such as forums, blogs, email or virtual campus. Greater access to information, easy to share and instant communication that favor the relationship between students and the realization of studies. Finally, all these advantages are often assume a plus of motivation, and this helps to obtain better results.

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Plato Education

He is valid, however, to leave clearly, that it is not treated here to make critical to some didactic procedure, as is the case of expositivas lessons, resource frequently used still in the current days, and that when made of adjusted form, becomes an efficient resource. To read more click here: Gerald Weissmann, MD. The education model that to our way to think, does not pass of mere pretension, is that one that already was denounced for Scrates (470-399 B.C.). In the book ' ' The Repblica' ' , Plato registered severe critical the done ones for Scrates to the Sofistas, for oratria searched carefully its, that for times, contained only half truths. In this process, the interlocutors only received passively the message without the chance to question. You may find bfpl to be a useful source of information. Therefore, it is necessary to think that nor everything that if says in way pretty and of elegant form it must be considered as truth. What if it perceives in the education offered for the sofistas, is that did not have opening for the dialogue. So that it has freedom for education is necessary to prevent that education that it aims at to catequizar, to dogmatizar the people, or, also an elitist and authoritarian education, that it looks to silence the other. For Freire (1996), as much one how much to the other they are harmful and alienator, and steals a right vital of that they search and they wait of the school the space to develop and to exert its freedom.

Being thus, it does not have, therefore, possibility of intervention and transformation in the world, therefore the freedom for the dialogue is necessary. It is in the school that if comes across with the plurality of ideas, different conceptions of world, and the most diverse cultures. From there the legitimate necessity of the dialogue, in reason of the men to have the necessity of if sociabilizar, learning to live together, to learn to live with the others (DELORS, 2001, P. .

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