It is distinguished society as resulted of the will of the individuals. In the vision of Durkheim the education integrates the individual in this totality at the same time where it specifies its paper. It homogeneza and differentiates. (A valuable related resource: Richard Linklater). The individual in accordance with goes to be socialized the function that goes to exert in this society and this is the referencial stops understanding the civilization or same barbarity or to understand the question of the homossexualismo. The society is seen as a dimension of the duty, but also as a good and the individual brings obtains a totality of this society, of where if it concludes to appear the definition of concepts, the moral and the moral a, the ethical one, the aesthetic one, the beauty, the good one, the socially acceptable one, etc. Each one of us brings a little in ours says and our behavior and relation with the nature a little of this moral conscience. The construction of the individual in modernity sends to the cult of ' ' eu' ' , autonomy, equality and freedom.

The reflexibilidade, creativity and the interioridade are models of the individualism and Durkheim could not deny it, therefore, the individual is born atrelado to this modernity, of where the idea of civilization or barbarity elapses as a social expression. The individualism in this case alone has value in a society that has this mark and is the proper social totality that constructs a new totality where the individual starts to have value. In individualistic societies are privileged the individual, according to cosmological principles, that is, ' ' the preeminent part to todo' ' ' ' the preeminent society to individuo' '. ' ' How much the body can show on a society ampla.&#039 more; ' Civilization or express Barbarity the dualism of the ideas and the social relations in determined society and cultures.

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