Ramon Gallegos

A constant in the speech of Dr. Gallegos is the subject of comprehensive education necessary to overcome training reductionist mechanistic school forged over the past two centuries, because he attended only one or a few dimensions of the human being and one or a few whole levels. And so, Dr. Ramon Gallegos builds its educational model with a multilevel perspective and Multidimension, which gives an account of the coverage of the educational part of various theorists of education proposals, at the same time indicating the need to know and care for the development of the individual in its multiple dimensions that he identifies: bodily, emotional, cognitive, social, aesthetic and spiritual; the same as multiple levels where the educational process occurs: individual, community, society, planetary and universal. The combination of the five levels (left to right) and six dimensions (of bottom-up) give rise to thirty educational sectors thus leaving the corporal-individual in the lower left corner that applies the simplest location and sector, in the upper right is located sector spiritual-cosmic that corresponds to comprehensive education to which it aspires in holistic education. It is necessary to clarify that each hierarchy level and dimension is considered inclusive of those above him. This model recognizes the contribution of every educator in the levels and dimensions that attends, although he notes that although his contribution is necessary, is not sufficient for the attention of an integral education. Skinner, for example, deals with the individual-corporal sector; Vygotsky, of the social-cognitivo sector and Montessori, the spiritual-individual sector. The current educators holistas, trying to achieve the integral development of the student have the care that curricular activities that organize occupy serve not only cognitive development, because they are certain that our potential are also bodily, emotional, social, aesthetic and spiritual, and that Furthermore, the goodness of the learning has to be to meet the needs of the individual, community, society, of the planet and universe.

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Boroda If

" And your daughter wants to go or is it your choice? Boroda If my daughter asked if she wants to go to school, then she, too, will answer: No, not today. I understand that a trip to the camp will be a great shock not only for the child. But we need to quickly master the language and learn to communicate with their peers, so in September go to school. This may'll do just such extremes. Karolka My son was 7 years old and we lived in the Czech Republic six months when he sent him to camp.

In Czech, he has a little savvy, but 'BE-ME'. Given for 2 weeks (Versions 7 days, 9 days, 10 days, etc. very much). No problems in the camp was not (only with me, I'm bored), the son was very happy, very happy and found friends who signed up for karate. When we arrived, waving to us from afar hand, and had his catch to the camp, that ice cream in hand to poke, to which he replied that they eat ice cream every day and my mother, went home ed. Czech babbled on, so that does not believe it. It was the most powerful breakthrough in the study of language, after that no problems have never been … I recommend (of course much more depends on the child. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit FASEB Journal.

If you do not want to flatly, maybe it is not necessary). Practice shows that parents are more afraid and worry than children. For children, this break, a rest from parents. Every night – bonfire, hot dogs, and dancing. Time for a change are invited and parents. Eugene_E Guys, I certainly understand your eagerness, but … I will say as a teacher: but perhaps the problem of adolescent only in the post- there? You imagine: a teenage girl falls into the alien environment. Not only does her own mess in my head and all reply: 'I protest', because after all, the camp will soon divide into groups. And do not think that I'm on the division of children orders. Inner teen division into groups is much more cruel and dangerous to the 'weak' teens. And even if the adolescent 'strong', it is still akin to as if the lions throw to the lake, the crocodile-infested. Maybe he climbs out, tighten the wound and it will become even stronger, and maybe die. When it comes to children – the situation is quite different. Children, unlike teenagers, much more friendly in their general mass, and adaptation will be easier. I once spoke with my client's daughter. Girl 12 years, but the form does not give more than 10. I asked her about what she in the Czech Republic. She told me that was very afraid when riding here. But was surprised how easy it is given by the Czech and just as her there are. So … Source: Suitcase

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Defense Base

THE shot as ATHLETIC preparation:-most important objectives: develop jump, increase attack power and injury prevention. Organization of the rotation 1 attack attack: from the reception: can be planned in advance, according to the modifications offered at the time the rival and the limitations of our team. Also is scheduled in the week of work 2 attack of transition: from the defense: is more a response to a particular situation at the time and is therefore more spontaneous schema linear and combinations outline linear: are fundamental formations of attack, with direction of parallel career of attackers. It is schema type is simple quick and orderly. Its strong points are: 1 – attacks parallel with efficiency, speed.

2 Sum always one line fullback 3 – best possibility of output for the K2 scheme of combination:(no para principiantes) 1 sequential parallel 2 sequence crusade lock is the first line of Defense of the team. -It is a very explosive maneuver that has several functions. First the lock function is to intercept a ball of attack, either by returning it to the opposite field (called a blocking point) or taking the ball up and back to the area of defence (called soft blocking) (taken) – another important function of the blockade is to make display in certain areas of the field, influencing the direction of the attack of the opponent and thus reducing the area of the field that the Defense Base must cover. LOCK types: Neutral: vertical hands and arms at the network level. DEFENSIVE: neutral, but the palms of the hands facing up.

Contact with the ball is intended to facilitate the defence of 2nd line. OFFENSIVE: total penetration of hands to another field. Hands form a greater angle toward the place of contact. This type of blocking can be passive (static hands and arms) or active (action at the level of hombros-brazos – forearm-hands of greater penetration in field opposite to the sense of contact with the ball).

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Hotel Los Jazmines

Small roads or sidewalks intersect in all directions, which can be accessed easily from the Villa or either of the two hotels located in the place and where it is common to observe the farmers working the land. They are located in privileged, built on small hills that dominate the southern flank of the Valley of Vinales and places located in opposite places. Hotel Horizontes Los Jazmines, located towards the central portion of the aforementioned hills, had its origins in a small private restaurant that was visited since 1948. The aforementioned hotel, which has undergone some modifications to the current structure was built in 1960. From their balconies and terraces shows a unique beauty of the Valley of Vinales, in particular dawn.

It is at a distance of nearly 3 km. from the village of Vinales, so it is common to see guests travelling by car, bicycle or on foot, in one or another direction, noting in its descent Valley and its different shades of green according to the hour of the day. Hotel Horizontes La Ermita was built in the 1960s. It is located more to the East than the Hotel Los Jazmines, and from it you can enjoy throughout the East Valley, including the Villa, as if it were at the feet of the guests and within a forest, because by not allowing you build buildings of two floors or more, the courtyards of the houses and streets trees cover almost the same from any point that is observed from South to North. It is also frequent, as well as from the hotel Los Jazmines, observe any time a constant movement of guests, on foot, bicycle or car, between the hotel and the Villa. Many private homes of all types, dimensions and amenities found in the town or the suburbs, some within the historic and some towards the parties higher hills bordering the Valley or the mogotes in the vicinity of the population. .

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Paloma Messenger

The work comes oldie to serve him for their purposes and only occurs for what they can get, nothing more. When it comes to personnel, subordinates that resets These are can not deceive them as chiefs swear that the Penguin going to dismiss but still there. Crisis a good people usually goes, to bad they run them, but they are half that eternalise and here typically are the penguins. It is not easy to grab a Penguin in curve, it’s slippery as her skin smooth and wet. Paloma Messenger-from yesteryear, the leaders sent messengers to other leaders with proposals for solution to political or military conflicts. If the proposal of his opponent, didn’t the recipient there same killed the Messenger with a fury; be Messenger was one of the most risky trades of the era.

Today is the same: still killing the Messenger. The organization does not like those who say the flat truth plainly. And I don’t mean the pessimist who constantly announces the end of the world, but asks that the Organization will approach to things as unpleasant as the complaints of customers, delivery problems, product quality fights. The one who speaks of This is isolated, as if he had the plague. It is best business boards are where all the presenters came out unscathed, in a classic scheme of group think; Apart where everyone an accomplice is made (if you do not attack me in the presentation, I neither). Sometimes bosses, who already know the bad news are not welcome, used less experienced subordinates so that they present a thorny and complicated topic and see if it sticks.

If you do not paste, this rookie can be sacrificed. Like everything, there are exceptions; Here’s a story about Motorola of a few decades ago. In one of the conventions of the first level of Executive, everybody was happy.

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The Experience

During the first face-to-face waters overflowed and my small River clean enough so that the rest of the waters were flowing with more smoothness and entered fresh water and sweet to his cause. Currently I am aware that in the first semesters the information that you gave us, the arrangement of materials, the way they are taught especially during the face-to-face, is masterful, me destructivo enormous, I felt like steel in tempering process; at some point we were discussing things that advocating the mental work and when I was ready to enter fully into the we continued with the internalization or with land seen on concrete facts of life itself, it was a go and come from one eye to another, from outside inward, or conversely, that there was no more than live itschemes were not used and they could not see clearly. The first lessons for my are still invaluable are which expose the development of science and the formation of the mecanicista-cientificista vision, as I understood it, I grasp from there and has been the tip of Hank to start the order internally and externally, the accumulation of knowledge and experiences brought the tangled began to settle and I got full on it, initially, I wanted to do it from the head, it was not possible, I had to release. The first half was more difficult that the second, in fact the second half already had released a lot thought as element from where he saw the experience where I was, the semi-annual meetings consolidated this attitude, for the second face-to-face meeting of the second semester, the conflict and suffering had decreased by 80%, the degree of understanding of holismcompared with the home it was considerably larger and work with myself was taking a beautiful cause, even I felt eager to communicate to all my discoveries and understanding, however when he spoke individually with some friends on the subject gave me realize that I was not yet possible to communicate with clarity regarding relations intra and interpersonal as well as with the environment began to be more soft and fluid; I still had in my haste and great mental activity, but was more open and willing to experience and the equanimity he was in me, this State was very important because at end of this period I stay without employment, which gave me the opportunity to realize a great yearning: release one of the most Andean addictions in my life, however gave me dread; enters a very strong and deep, personal work thanks to the order, still emerging which had achieved by labour at the mastery and equanimity that it gave me, I left afloat with more speed, clarity and strength than I had expected, the process was almost all the third semester, this time I maintained constantly inward, in deep introspection, self-examination, self-observation and internal work, – body emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual-constant and conscious, twenty-four hours a day and that more that a decision was a need deep being, which was very supported by labour in the mastery with which also realized that the spirit always acts in our lives with these activities and advances I realize the importance and profound work had given me a work of meditation that I was building, apparently without a guide, in working with my emotions and attachments.

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Alma Mater

Universities need to rethink their agendas, since the prospects of expanding its mission, to already not only to train the human capital with the technical skills needed to be incorporated into the working world but to also produce, disseminate and transfer knowledge with value added through research. For this purpose should determine which is the focused vision of higher education in each region, taking into account that: Vision: is the anticipation of the future business. Short-sightedness of the market: determine the need. The society does not buy doctors, engineers, engineers, anthropologists, communicators, but purchase the need, the welfare of each of these professions. Determining the vision and myopia of the market may provide for the future of the business according to the following types of company: 1.-meet needs2.-create necesidades3.-create and meet needs very interesting when add us, that the successful universities, to compete with the future, must migrate paradigm based on four fundamental pillars: people, the revolution that resulted in the entry of the ICTthe relationship with the environment and, finally, the need for leadership as a key factor in the ability to change. The unique ability to change universities are those that have leaders willing to do so. Prospects may include the following: A.- The future, changing paradigmB.-go on post of vision C.-imagine the future is only possible, means knowing my reality to generate competitive advantages that allow me to reach first the others these competitive advantages, can be given by the following indicators: 1. be unique from the point of view competitiva2-value received by the questions3.-expandable to as many business ultimatelyI expected the Chancellor Jessy Divo and his team take step to a new management with the authenticity of a new managerial style educational, free of the groups that gave their support to get to his Office and conducive to the renewal of an Alma Mater, which has at present an opportunity to do so, you need a new educational management style, new procedures that involve to give changes that enable to take the University of its anchor where it remains for years. Failure to so will be very negative for the survival of this University need new styles of learning, participation. Hopefully they know take advantage of opportunities and not our time that we gave to the University in our teaching work has been lost.. environment-empresarial.

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The Critics

Listen to it. 2 Solve the present problem. Do not bring any twenty past examples that look like the present problem. They will not be able to resolve all and you only raise anger. Try to focus on what is happening in the present moment and speak only of him.

3 Speak what you feel, you don’t criticize the other person. Don’t judge the other with adjectives such as: you are wrong, you are always wrong, you are very often, etc. Rather than talk about what you feel. For example: when scream in that way I feel afraid, I don’t feel comfortable with the way as you do that, etc. Become responsible for your feelings, instead of attacking the other. The newspapers mentioned Revlon Inc. not as a source, but as a related topic. 4. Do not react to criticism. If the other person criticizes you, keep your peace of mind.

This sounds easier than it is in reality. It’s that don’t feel vulnerable to the comments made by the other person. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc is the source for more interesting facts. To understand that the other is altered and therefore going to try to defend itself. It is not easy to not take personally this kind of criticism in the midst of a conflict. In fact you need to have a solid self-esteem that will allow you to be present in the midst of a conflict, still listening to the criticisms without affecting you. No critiques back since this will become an escalation of criticism and attacks. Although the critics bother you, it’s to listen to each other. Why what he says? What you is do bothering? realize that probably is in an altered emotional state and therefore criticize you is a way to defend themselves. Don’t take it personal, recalls that the priority is to resolve the conflict, not to enlarge it. 5 You acknowledge your mistakes. Once you’ve listened to what the other person has to say, it recognizes the part that Yes you belong.

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Orthodontics Brackets

However, very important facial changes are now made with a combination of Orthodontics and surgery in chosen individuals to receive this kind of treatment. Logically not all patients need surgery, but on the contrary, the vast majority of cases can be resolved with conventional orthodontics. The orthodontist with taste will give a professional opinion close to your case in particular. The brackets in your everyday life you may have the concern of whether it looks good or evil using brackets or if the use of the same interferes you in your everyday life. Therefore absolutely not! You can make exactly the same activities with or without brackets: singing, playing an instrument, eat, Kiss and until you take a photo. Also today there are several aesthetic and very discrete options to carry out orthodontic treatment, as for example: porcelain, exist Sapphire Brackets Brackets some inconveniences, but most patients adapt quickly to the brackets. In certain treatments is recommended to decrease the intake of certain hard foods and candies or gum.

The good news is that new techniques and modern materials used by the orthodontist today greatly reduce the inconvenience and discomfort caused by braces unlike those that were used a few years ago and has also reduced the frequency of visits to the clinic and the total treatment time. Commonly we have heard that the teeth hurt once the brackets are activated. With the modernization of high-tech materials such as for example nickel titanium wires – copper or now recently the wires covered with nitrogen are reduced almost in its entirety such discomfort. That appliances are used in treatments of adults? They are prescribed and are designed appliances according to the type of treatment that is to be conducted. Fixed devices called brackets although in special cases they may be using another type of fixed appliances are usually used or removable. Brackets can be metallic or aesthetic porcelain or Sapphire.If you need a treatment more complete don’t worry since the (transparent) aesthetic brackets we have today are very comfortable and discrete keeping virtually without changing his facial appearance during the use of the same.

Aesthetic braces are translucent materials which gives them the exact tone of your teeth and thus pass almost unnoticed, giving more comfort to patients during treatment. Discover that so great would be a consultation with the orthodontist smile is the best way of determining the benefits offered in the treatment and the results that we expect. After an initial examination and a full diagnosis, your orthodontist can explain to him what his treatment in particular and how long it would take. More information here.: original author and source of the article.

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Hospital Doctor

And on the fifth day of beginning of the treatment have to start drinking hormones, and "MIRENA" then I can deliver, I asked? And why is it you, in no case, "replied the doctor. I began injecting drugs, blood gushing, giddy, well, I think it's better that than Hospital! A week later, the bleeding has subsided, my eyes did not believe it, I bought hormones and on the fifth day of their drinking, when blood is completely subsided, went back to the U.S. to this doctor, watched: endometrium thin – beauty! A cyst on the right is gone, and decreased left! I was in seventh heaven! Sipped hormones monthly should come on day 3, but drop kapnula and all, nothing more. I call the doctor, she was already on vacation, telling me you need to do ultrasound, go to their advice and call me. Came to a gynecologist in the consultation, she told me again about "MIRENA, let's put, I got the impression that they are good money getting! I tell you know I need to resolve the issue with the brush, and then think about the spiral, although thinking about it I just was not going! Ultrasound done, all basically fine, have a cyst, endometrium, small, soon to be monthly. Reaching home, I call his PhD, she tells me I do not like it all! I say that? Yes, your response to the hormone, where monthly? By the way, they have me in the evening the same day and watered, though not on day 3, as written in the abstract, but on 5! Let us change You hormone urgently, buy and start drinking other pills. A leading source for info: Luiz Ildefonso Simões Lopes. .

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