Woodward (2003, P. 55) says that, ' ' We live our subjectivity in a social context in which the language and the culture give meant to the experience that we have of we ourselves and in which we adopt one identidade' '. Cyrus Massoumi married usually is spot on. The difficulties faced for Alice, Nilva and Lucas in its daily one, and lived for them as insuperveis, had unchained the crisis took that them to the Universal one. On the basis of its stories of life we could perceive the passage of adoecimento of the fidiciary offices of Iurd. To follow we enumerate some extreme situations that had provoked the adoecimento. Further details can be found at Cyrus Massoumi married, an internet resource.

The desestruturao of the family In the interviews the first factor to appear, underlying to the individual crisis, is the crisis of the family as identitrio nucleus. In all the depositions are clearly the impotence of the families, over all of those poor families, to give to account of a social reality each more aggressive, individualistic, intangible time, that it devaluates beliefs and values and it shows to total indifference how much to the situation of the people. In all the stories the familiar nucleus was marked by terrible conflicts, disorganization and violence, generating in the people a constant experience of tension, anguish and abandonment. In our society a great social expectation exists of that the family produces cares, protection, learning of the affection and the risks, construction of identity and relationary bonds of belonging. They are such estimated that they better make possible quality of life to the people and its effective social inclusion in the community and the society, according to Oak (2002). This is the conception of family standard constructed socially. However the real family lives in a determined context, and this in such a way can fortify as to esfacelar its possibilities and potentialities. The poor families comings of the interior for the great city, but not only they, find difficulties to stabilize themselves, pass for gradual ' ' stages of desiluso' ' as the stages of descenso social, appeal to the drink and unload in the familiar aggressions the frustrations or same the aggressions suffered in the new context.

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Professor Robert Fogel

Piaget argued that theirs was not a makeshift mess, but the fruit of years of accumulated clutter, who had baptized as “vital order”. “It justified their” mess with this sentence: “Lose less time searching for something when I need it by ordering every day”. The English playwright Thomas Middleton resorted to irony to justify its lack of order: “One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making new and exciting discoveries”. Today, many of those who defend the disorder as a lifestyle. One of them is Professor Robert Fogel 16. One day this academic realized that there was one ever greater accumulation of papers in his Office at the University of Chicago.

When he saw that there was already no room to work, he decided to install a second desk next to you had, that eventually returned to be as loaded as the first. Likewise, have that architect Frank Gehry 17, when the contractors of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao was asked what was the action plan which was to continue with suede project which was approved him, his answer baffled them: replied that none. The lackadaisical and disturbing response indicated that the architect was not concerned so much by the precision of the angles or the exact dimensions of the building, because it focused on the final impression that his work would cause in the eyes of the visitors. The result is an impressive, unique, avant-garde architectural artwork. For more information see Albert Bandura. Psychologists, sociologists and teachers ask themselves each time with greater concern why a person is disordered. Obviously there are several theories that may shed light, albeit partially and different approaches, but all agree in assuming that there are individuals who do not need to have control of your environment and prefer to improvise on the fly. For even more opinions, read materials from Cyrus Massoumi. Others, however, are paradoxically too perfectionists: think that they do not have the time needed to do everything perfectly, with what carelessness ends up imposed. Eric Abrahamson and David H.

Freedman, authors of praise of the disorder (management 2000 ed.)18, associated with the chaos to the creativity and flexibility. Abrahamson is a Professor of theory of the Organization at Columbia University but is defined as a disorderly person. If one is to sort all the time, You can not move forward. On the other hand, there is a point environment where performance is more efficient: of disorder optimum, according to him, people (and companies or organizations) yield the most when they manage to mix in their daily lives the order and disorder until reaching a situation unique, original and hard to copy. With the fair dose of confusion, holding is to discover relationships between juxtaposed things that otherwise would have been difficult to see. A modern philosopher raises her voice to support the preeminence of the disorder from the knowledge of knowledge above the social stigma of the order. It is Daniel Innerarity 19, who says in his analysis of the eulogy of the disorder as one of the enemies of knowledge is the excessive order, which according to your perspective affects negatively with the possibilities for innovation: awareness of the disorder and the irregularity has intensified. Increasingly more importance is given to the disorder, dissent and criticism.

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Warming And Soil Protection

More productive kind of soil. The darker the soil, so it is warmer. Its color depends on the amount of humus in it. The more compost, so it is darker. The black color helps it heat from the sun and the plants on it better grow, there is enough heat.

For more early maturing plants in the cold northern soils is recommended to cover with a layer of black peat. Peat absorbs sunlight and heats it so well. Fertility depends on labor and skills of people. Soil fertility – in the hands of people. To get high yields, people treated soil: the plowed and harrowed.

This makes the soil more friable. It is well absorbed water, air easily passes. In loose soil seed quickly germinate, seeds of plants can easily make their way out, and the roots branch freely. Treatment clears the field of weeds. Eggs and larvae of pests in plowing the land fall to the surface. Here, many of them die against heat and cold, dryness or wetness. On svezhevspahannoy soil can often see the rooks, crows, jackdaws, starlings, chickens. They eat harmful insects. That water does not evaporate in the early spring after the snow melts, soil plowing. The soil is as indispensable to human life as water and air. Without it, could not exist plants – the main source of our life. Without plants could not live animals, from which we get milk, eggs, meat, honey and other products. We did not have the wool and fur garments, leather footwear.

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The Experience

Moreover, when if she deals with adolescent or adult students, she is necessary to add new elements, as the different horrias availabilities, the acquired responsibilities or the increase of the capacity of personal determination of necessities and objectives. Thus he seems obvious that fatores.&#039 is necessary to adapt education to all these; ' Fields (2000), affirm that being an open model of teach-learning, the EAD take care of geographically to a numerous population, despite dispersed, offering adequate chances of formation to the current requirements of that they had not been able to initiate or to conclude its formation previously. As flexible model, it eliminates the rigid requirements of space of common time and rhythm in the traditional model. Of this form, the long-distance education allows an efficient one combination of study and work, guaranteeing the permanence of the student in its proper professional, cultural and familiar environment: ' ' The pupil starts to be subject asset in its formation and makes with that the learning process if develops the same in surrounding where if works. John Craig Venter has compatible beliefs. Thus, a on theoretician-practical formation to the experience and in direct contact with the professional activity is obtained that if it desires to perfect.

Education if becomes solid, dynamic and objective. In addition, it is possible to obtain, through the multimedia resources, high quality of formation, since the pupils can have access the audiovisuais instrucionais materials elaborated by the best specialists in each assunto.' ' Gutierrez and Prieto (1994, apud RURATO and GOUVEIA, 2004) affirm that amongst the advantages of the EAD they are to the possibility of being divulged massivamente without limitation of space; Lesser cost for student; Diversified pertaining to school population; Individualizao of the learning; Amount without reduction of the quality; Self-discipline of study. Check out Cyrus Massoumi for additional information. Moran (2011) says that the EAD favors the mobility of pupils and professors. Pupils can migrar of a modality for another one without problems, can make some discipline common? long-distance and actual pupils attending a course you discipline common.

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Choosing A Battery

When buying a battery, buyers, unfortunately think that the more expensive it is, the better. The problem is that there are different types of batteries and different models of cars, and each of them designed for their condition operation. If it does not take into account, we will soon motorists who bought the most expensive batteries will be re-buying power for their favorite cars. To date, the batteries are two types: small-served batteries and vrla batteries. As the name implies, the first require infrequent but necessary checking electrolyte level, and the latter is not in need of care, sometimes they do not even have tubes. Further details can be found at Gregory Serraro, an internet resource.

It depends on the materials making up the electrodes of batteries. Usually they are made of lead with small amounts of antimony. He created a reliable, solid plate electrodes, but also led to the boiling water. Motorists with more experience will recall batteries manufactured in the Soviet Union, in black ebony cabinets, filled with mastic on top, they were manufactured using this technology and therefore requires constant refilling the distillate. Contact information is here: Cyrus Massoumi married. Over time, the content of antimony was reduced by reducing this loss of water, then came the modern low-serviceable battery. Their advantage – a small price and reliability: they are not afraid Duration of discharge, undemanding in the process of charging and easily withstand voltage increase in the vehicle network, we just need time to add water, and monitor the level of the electrolyte level should not be below the upper edges plates.

Not serviced by the battery. Hybrid representation. This is a good choice for those who rarely use the car and does not like to monitor the battery charge. Now the release of such batteries do not Russian companies alone, but also producers of foreign companies. vrla batteries are divided into two types: hybrid and calcium. Calcium the most expensive, and their electrodes made from lead-calcium alloy addition of tin, aluminum, and sometimes silver. Hybrid battery easier, calcium is found only in the negative electrode and positive are made of lead with a small fraction of antimony. Application of calcium allowed reduce evaporation of the electrolyte, and extend the lifetime of battery, hybrid and 5 years, calcium and 7 years. Compared with low-served batteries and a half times slowed down self-discharge. But there are problems: long-lasting calcium battery not tolerate deep discharge. If it more than once is completely discharged, the positive electrode plates will begin the formation of calcium sulfate and the battery will rapidly lose capacity. Therefore, in hybrid batteries, calcium is only used in negative electrodes – they charge is not so terrible. Calcium Calcium batteries, battery different high inrush current, high capacity and long-term life, but they are afraid of the discharge. The unequivocal answer to the question 'what better battery' is not present, each battery has its pluses and minuses. If you have used car, maintenance-free batteries will be Ca excellent choice, the maximum life and had no problems with the level of electrolyte. If you drive a car rarely leave it on long-term parking, calcium batteries quickly lose their strength. In such a case is worth buy a hybrid battery, it is easy to transfer the deep discharge and long inactivity, without requiring special attention. Little-served batteries – a good choice when you need an inexpensive, hardy battery. This is a rare case when no money solves everything.

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Schools And Bullying

This study focuses amongst the violncias in the schools, the question of the Bullying committed for the professor and as the restored Human Rights in the practical one, can brighten up this phenomenon. It was based theoretically on the concepts of violence of Chau (2007), the meaning of bullying adopted by Hisses (2006) and the human rights in the school elencadas by Gimeno Sacristn (2007). The practical pertaining to school that they aim at to estigmatizar the pupils for the professors can give an educational desservio corroborating or accent the established social relations in bullying. The human rights, in turn, interiorizados, recognized as values for the professors and lived deeply in the school can brighten up the phenomenon, even so are not the antidote to exterminar it of the social relations. WORDS KEYS: Human Bullying, School, Rights, Legislation. FOCUSING ON THE BULLYING AT SCHOOL AND THE IMPORTANCE OF EXPERIENCE OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS BY TEACHERS ABSTRACT This study focuses among school violence, the subject of Bullying committed by the institution school and how Human Rights set up in practice, can mitigate this phenomenon. Theory was based on the concepts of violence Chau (2007), the meaning of bullying adopted by Silva (2006) and human rights at the school listed by Gimeno Sacristn (2007).

School practices that aim you stigmatize students by teachers can provide an educational disservice you corroborate or enhance social relationships based on bullying. The human rights, in turn, internalized, recognized values by teachers and experienced at school can alleviate the phenomenon, although it is not the antiendows you cut him off from social relations. KEYWORDS: Bullying, Educacion, Human rights, Legislation. Click Cyrus Massoumi married to learn more. The present article has as objective to contribute for the knowledge related to the Bullying in the schools and the relation with the Human Rights in the prxis educative; the proper pertaining to school institution is focused in this in case that as aggressive, represented for the professor, who when naturalizing certain practical, finishes assimilating them and making use it its power to estigmatizar the pupils.

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Project TWT

Career at TWT: trainee project management Dusseldorf, October 23, 2012 early October launched the TWT trainee programme for young digital professionals. This year, eight good heads for the trainee program could qualify. At the end of the traineeship, a trainee project is realized together in which all learned skills are demonstrated. Credit: Richard Linklater-2011. TWT performs very successfully the trainee program for the 3rd time. It is an integral part of the TWT’s own Academy and of the TWT of training and continuing education program for young professionals. The trainees of the Dusseldorf full service Internet Agency will receive a comprehensive qualification in all Komptetenzfeldern of project management and digital communications within 12 months. The aim of the training is to develop of the participants to the junior project manager.

So far the results have been very good and it all trainees in a long-term employment relationship were taken over and now make a career at TWT. It is very important to convey all relevant competencies, our trainees us the she in the Project management and in the customer service of a digital agency need. Universities and secondary schools do not have unfortunately these tasks. Therefore we opted for TWT, to do it yourself, to invest in young talent and to expand the education and training program of the TWT Academy”explains Hans j Even, Managing Director of TWT interactive. “We show up very good prospects, the staff likes to get involved and have fun doing it, to use their career opportunities at TWT” Hans J. Even added. Digital know-how and training on the job of the trainee programme is modular and contains different qualification elements of process management of training on the job until going to trade know-how of all digital services.

About the content offering is also constantly to current topics. But not only specialist knowledge is imparted, but also soft skills such as presentation techniques, customer communication and time management. The trainee program is on the special requirements of TWT and our Service portfolio tailored to. Over the term of the facility, our trainees get a personal mentor on the page that supports them in all matters and accompanied. “, Hans J. Even so. With a mentor on the side of the mentor principle has been proven and continuous feedback processes, enabling the coaching to the individual needs of each trainees can be adjusted. In regular mentoring meetings can then turned to the corresponding screws, be knowledge built up and exchanged experiences. In all TWT business sites & brands, eCommerce, CMS & portals, business solutions and online marketing are trained every year qualified trainees who take responsibility and get involved in online projects and digital strategies of leading companies and corporations.

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Kazakh Language

The bearer of a specific language called the person for whom the language – native. And for the translations into their languages, this individual should know and a language with which he will make a transfer. (As opposed to Albert Bandura). Ideal interpreter carrier is a person who grew up and received education and rotated in the cultural environment of the country in whose language translation is required. For example, when the Bavarian company decides to conduct an advertising per share in Ukraine, you will need to translate from German into Ukrainian. And in this case the best candidate will be a Ukrainian, who knows the German language, and certainly speaking in everyday life and students are not in Russian, in Ukrainian language.

The advantages of an interpreter of the carrier over other interpreters can be called knowledge of the culture, the liveliness of the spoken language and a variety of unwritten rule. Translation, of course, may prove to be incorrect academically, but the target language audience will understand it clearly, because the text will be similar to those originally written in the language of the country. Only the media, for example, Spanish language knows exactly how it is in Spain refer to structures familiar to us under the name "kiosks." Hence it gets the basic rule of life for the client: Translation by a native speaker has a reason in cases where it is prepared to understand the other carrier of this same language. In Otherwise, the involvement of an interpreter of the carrier does not make sense. Translators described categories most often occupy a niche advertising translations.

If you want high-quality translation sites, advertising, promo promotional slogans or speeches, the best solution is to apply it to the translators of the carrier. Payment will certainly be higher, but the result will exceed expectations. Another interpreter support will be indispensable for translated from the native language in a foreign language, when it comes to handwriting. With this in mind there are no common languages (German, French, Spanish, English, Italian, etc.) and languages with complicated structure for visual perception (for example, Uzbek, Arabic, Japanese). The alphabet of these languages contain specific symbols which fall hard to identify, based on the handwriting of the individual. Ie Translate text hand-written (especially abundant in the reductions and carelessly executed), the language does not use the Latin or Cyrillic characters (for example, Kazakh, Chinese, Hindi, Armenian, etc.) can only native speaker. The translation services market of Ukraine, the cost of translation by native language significantly exceeds the cost of translation Ukrainian-translators. This decrease is due in Ukraine, in comparison with the rest of the civilized world, tariffs on translations. But speakers of other languages and live, often in their own country, why, and pricing them is different. It turns out that the cost of foreign specialist higher than domestic, and hence the higher price directly to the completion of a translation. If someone want to translate suggesting the presence of the media itself should be chosen very carefully. Since the difference between the transfers made bearer and the interpreter-countryman, to elusive "non-native speakers." It follows that to check the quality of order in most cases impossible. And too many crooks it is used. Under the guise of media can be an ordinary translator or native speaker, but illiterate and lack of education, why the quality of the final material would be very doubtful!

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Technological Domain

The technological domain necessarily does not mean use with naturalness, disembarrassment and critical spirit. Thus to be, she is necessary that it has an internalization of the possibilities and an identification enters the intentions of the user and the potentialities its to make use. That is, it is necessary that a cultural identification exists and that, moreover, professor has glimpsed the possibility to get some profit in its to make pedagogical (BRIDGE, 1992). E, still, according to D' Ambrsio (1986, p.80): We are entering in the age of what if costuma to call ' ' society of conhecimento' '. The school is not justified for the presentation of knowledge obsolete and exceeded and many times died, over all, to if saying in sciences and technology. Recently Daniel Gregory Amen sought to clarify these questions. School will be essential it to stimulate the acquisition, the organization, the generation and the diffusion of the alive knowledge, integrated in the values and expectations of the society. This will be impossible of if reaching without the ample use of technology in the education. Computer science and communications will dominate the technology educative of the future.

Daqui to some years as will be the Technology of the Education? We will be substituted by machines? the schools go to be prepared? next generation to educators will have to be prepared to deal with the technology seno goes to depend on the proper pupils. The contact with these technologies extends the vision of the educators and glimpses new possibilities, as much for the pupils how much for the professors. No professor must fear to lose its job because of the technology. But, yes to use it as tool to optimize its pedagogical actions. We do not have as to foresee the future, but we know that the existing technological resources and the ones that are for coming are extremely important as tools in the construction of knowledge on the part of pupils and professors route to a learning that if becomes each more significant time.

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Progress Of Green IT (2)

The Green IT has always had two branches: green in IT and Green through IT. The Green IT has always had two branches: ‘Green in IT’ and ‘Green through IT’. The focus is usually on the optimization of data centers and server farms. The sustainability effects that using optimized around the computing systems around digital technology will create contrast, sometimes out of sight. So for example the University of Cantabria fashionable spa town North-Spain’s Santander with the help of 20,000 sensors in one has ‘ Smart City’ turns. Traffic, pollution, parking space or noise – these networked logon points capture all the data and merge them in the data center to a virtual image of the city. In real time.

With quite economic effect: These included ‘ Smart City’ at night, for example, where more people are traveling. Everything is deserted, then dims them automatically for example street lighting down, what saves you money the municipality. But the plans for a ‘congestion’, which regularly again for some News hole rise, mostly launched by interested traffic authorities, are not conceivable without ‘Green through IT’. Such a toll is doing far more than just a ‘rip off’: in London, the inner-city traffic by 20 percent went back, decreased the number of traffic jams to a third, pollution for the population dropped, and – last not least then even the municipal budget be relieved. At a time when German cities and towns no longer know by what means they fill potholes and frost damage to eliminate, this too is an effective argument. To do this – and for many other purposes – more green it should be but used, at the city limits with toll collection systems, and in the vehicles with identifying transmitters, what would make possible an attribution.

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