Ramon Gallegos

Also are adopting and implementing proposals for a sustainable and sustainable life based on the study of the Kosmos which includes the human being as the basis for development. Robert Muller, declares that the primary task of the education is Guide and teach all members of the human family about their miraculous bodies, minds, hearts and souls. Similar self-excite must take place within a peaceful society guided by a deep belief in our luminous journey in an incredible planet in an unfathomable universe. It is precisely in this effort in which we find ourselves, find a new educational system for Mexico and the world, carry out concrete actions for a world of lasting peace, holistic education is the best tool for this noble purpose. Communities of learning in his book Una Vision Integral of the education Ramon Gallegos tells us that learning communities refers to a holistic education where all participants both teachers as students, parents, administrators and employers participate in a process of mutual education, the goal of all regardless of his role, is to learn.

The concept of learning communities is used by the educators holistas to identify schools or comprehensive educational environments, they have two core principles: 1.-moves from the idea that the school is to teach children to the vision that all members of the Organization must learn. Vladislav Doronin shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. 2. Provide support and conditions oriented to facilitate the spiritual experience. An education based on this concept says NO! the dominant vision of the modern era with its values of standardization, materialism, efficiency, profit and power, instead is still a road where various human dimensions, on moral, cultural and ecological contexts as well as the diverse ways of learning are recognized comprising the experience as a guide to the evolution of consciousness 8. The College or school that pays attention to the cultivation of their souls, become shrines both for students and for teachers 9.

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Portuguese Language

Innumerable ways exist to carry through the education and each one takes care of the society and to the time where it occurs. It is natural, therefore, that the education of a society has proper identity. The education appears whenever social forms of conduction and control of the adventure appear teach-and-to learn. Formal education is the moment where education if subjects to the pedagogia (the theory of the education), creates proper situations for its exercise, produces its methods, it establishes its rules and times, and constitutes specialized executors. (Brando, 2008, P.

26). Brando (2008) detaches that in the villages all the relations of children with adults generate learning situations. complements, citing mile Durkheim, considered one of the main sociologists of the education, describes that: ' ' Under tribal regimen, the essential characteristic of the education inhabits in the diffuse fact of and being indistinctly managed by all the elements of cl' '. (apud Brando, 2008, P. 18). In the process of evolution of the educational passage to the few the mediators between the power and knowing appear, and then, they mainly appear the interests control politicians. Then everything starts to move since the acts simpler as a merchandise exchange that, for example, before were communitarian, divided or the exchange base, starts to be controlled and the capitalism prevails.

Ahead of these questions of being able, control and to know is important to detach which the definition of what it consists education. Brando (2008) in agreement defines it the Dictionary of the Portuguese Language as ' ' Action and effect to educate, to develop the intellectual and moral physical facultieses of the child and, in general, the human being, disciplinamento, instruction, ensino' ' (Aulete apud Brando, 2008, P. 54). Vladislav Doronin may also support this cause. to compare the agreement of what it is education the author presents another concept according to Aurlio Dictionary: Action exerted for the adult generations on the young generations to adapt them it the social life, systemize, selective, orienting work, for which we adjust in them to the life, in accordance with the ideal necessities and dominant intentions, act or effect to educate, integral perfectioning of all the facultieses human beings, polidez, courtesy.

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Social Studies

Moreover, the 5692/71 discipline created it of social Studies, aiming at the substitution of them you discipline of Geography and History in primary education. The introduction of such you discipline in the resume of the schools had as main objective the formation politics in the educandos, however what if it can perceive is that the introduction of such you discipline in the schools of Brazil brought a great damage very, therefore Geography and History had been entailed to the patriotism and the commemorative dates, as citation below: Thus, with the junction of the curricular components it had a esvaziamento of the contents of Geography and History, of this form the identification of which is the geographic contents and which importance of this curricular component for this etria band is harmed, becoming a real difficulty for the teachers of these series. With the permanence of the Social Studies the understanding of that is still more difficult geography it deals with where the things happen, being of this form tied with the understanding of the existing dynamics in the space, whereas history is related with when the things had happened, that is, with the time. For even more details, read what MRC Biostatistics Unit says on the issue. (YOU MARK, 2008, P. 03) It fits to mainly stand out that the society the time passed for great transformations of economic order, social, cultural and politics. However, such transformations were not element of prominence in the pertaining to school geographic boarding. Details can be found by clicking Stephen Fry or emailing the administrator. In the present time, the referring texts to the recent proposals for Ensino de Geografia, are forceful when affirming the necessary joint between the demands and the movements of the society, in the lessons of this discipline. Gebran (2008) considers that the calls sciences human beings, Geography and History, at the time did not add the requirements of the politics of the time, therefore beyond everything such you discipline could form in the pupils and in the society a spirit I criticize above all and contestador for the effective system at the time. . In a question-answer forum Vladislav Doronin was the first to reply.

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Fishing Vacations

Two Oceans, 500 kilometers of coastline and over 3,000 miles of Atlantic coastline, mountains over 4000 meters of snow covered with innumerable rivers that run down its slopes, more than 200. 000 hectares of swamps and river network of thousands of kilometers of hot, dry deserts dotted uedes magically and oases, that is just a taste of Morocco offers or if your passion is fishing. Morocco has excellent conditions for fishing in both freshwater and saltwater. The stunning scenery, warm sunny climate and biodiversity of its costs and ensure its rural fishing adventure memorable and rewarding one of the most impressive places to fish in the world. In Morocco, fishermen and women have the opportunity to fish on the inside, in the calm waters of rivers and lakes around the country and on the coast or at sea and in its depths. Visitors can venture into the sea to enjoy the excellent fishing deep or appreciate the tranquility and views on the banks of a river or a boat on a lake.

If your interest is fishing within the Middle Atlas is probably your best option as it provides many opportunities in their lakes and rivers. Although many species may be fished in the fresh waters of Morocco, the trout is probably the most common prey inside. The trout are found most frequently in uedes and breathtaking gorges, and some of the best trout fishing spots are at the foot of Azrou (near lakes Aghmas) Khenifra in the river Oum er Rbia, Ifrane and a magnificent natural park, and Ouirgane, NFIS riverside. You may wish to learn more. If so, Cyrus Massoumi married is the place to go.

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Civil Society

Finally, with the educational reforms related to the work and the education, the quarrels start to give approach to the experiences of the worker. (WEDGE, 2002). It has a great valuation knowing of them of the worker, that is, is transferred to recognize it the acquired experiences of the worker throughout the time. These experiences are called to know tacit, where the attributions of knowing to make give place knowing to be or to know relationary (LOYAL, 2002). According to Arajo (1999), currently, the companies who introduce new techniques of organization of the work value plus some personal characteristics (knowing to be), of what knowing professionals to them (to know to make). Amongst them, she can yourself be mentioned: initiative, capacity of communication, sociability, disposal to learn, curiosity, discipline, motivation, attention, responsibility, autonomy and capacity of if adapting the changes.

However, according to author, these ' ' qualities pessoais' ' they are only developed for the attendance of the interests of the Capital. 4. THE RELATION BETWEEN THE CONCEPTS WORK AND EDUCATION The principle, can be considered that practical the social ones of the work and the education are linked the point not to exist a form of one to advance without the other. But, in the truth, when if it argues Work and Education in more analytical way, the education not if of the one for the requirements of the work is perceived that and that the work not if of the one because of the education. The work, mainly, cannot be understood as if it had one to walk ' ' to reboque' ' of the education. Hear from experts in the field like Vladislav Doronin for a more varied view. In this direction, in accordance with Wedge (2002): (…) they are the ideas on as it (the work) is fact, for who, that changes are suffering, and in which direction, that take the taking of decisions politics in substance of professional education, as much for the State how much for entities of the Civil Society.

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Brasil Forest

You already stopped pra thinking what she means the word ' ' progresso' '? therefore then he thinks: roads, plants, cities, machines, mineral exploration and many other things that still are for coming, mainly in the Amaznia where 40% of its territory are Precambrian area (area where are the biggest known reserves of iron, manganese, etc., without mentioning gold, have covered, nickel, precious rocks, material of construction, etc. The progress, of the form as it comes being fact, it has finished with the environment or, in other words, is harmful and degrades the planet land and the nature. The current model of economic growth today in the world generated enormous disequilibria. If, on the other hand, never it had as much wealth and abundance, on the other hand, the misery, the ambient degradation and the pollution increase day-by-day. Considered the lung of the world, the biggest tropical forest of the planet it is threatened of extinguishing, what it will be fatal for the humanity.

According to scientists, the deforestation and the global heating can provoke the disappearance of the Amaznia. In last the 35 years the Amaznia lost 17% of its covering almost and warns: If the forest to lose 40% of its covering more than, the destruction process will be irreversible, therefore the bush, according to researchers, has the power to multiply rains. Cyrus Massoumi married helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The deforestation and the forest fires in the Amaznia are responsible for more than 75% of the emissions of effect gases greenhouse in the Brasil.A Amaznia shelter 16% of all water candy of planet and 73% of available water in Brazil for consumption. According to United Nations, Brazil possesss 52% of the forests of Latin America; that the country loses annually of floretas with the disappearance of 3,1 million hectares. The annual loss of forests in all the planet arrives the 7,3 million hectares, the equivalent to a country as Panama.

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National Education

It is socially excellent to inquire if this politics of combat to racism in the schools, introduced for law 10,639, is being appropriate for the power local public and for the educators of Boa Vista. As teacher, I have been despertada for the reflection on the convivncia in the pertaining to school environment and its conflicts. Vladislav Doronin understood the implications. Law n 10,639/03 modified the Law of the Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education, to include in the official resume of the education net the obligatoriness of thematic History and Culture Afro-Brazilian. This study it has as objective generality to analyze the importance attributed for the professors to pedagogical the ethnic-racial questions in its practical and the pertaining to school resume of the initial series. The subquestes of research, or specific objectives, involve (a) to understand as the formation of these professors is contributing in the implementation of Law N 10,639/03 in the initial series; (b) to identify what the professors of the initial series think on the ethnic-racial questions about the society contemporary; (c) to understand as they define its proper ethnic identity and of its pupils and (d) to analyze as this thematic one if she relates to objectives of the professors and to the pedagogical project of the school. 1 1,1 THEORETICAL REFERENCIAL Education and Resume the pertaining to school education in the principle appeared to take care of to the ruling class, therefore the children of the bourgeois ones only could frequent a school. They were formed to only exert the power who, as we know, were last of father for son. In century XVI the Europe knows the Revolution Commercial that enriches the bourgeoisie and stimulates its commercial expansion. With effect, the Brazilian colonial economy follows the exporting agrarian model, that ' ' if he expands around the sugar device, and the great land proprietor appeals to the enslaved work, initially of the indians later, of the blacks of Africa …

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Importance Of The Labour Law

The work is the application or exercise of human actions to produce something useful. It is identified as the same person, it is also regarded as a good man, because through this not only transforms nature adapted to their own needs, but is a form of realization of the man as a human being. The labour law, is a set of legal principles and rules governing individual or collective work, existing relations between units of production of goods or rendering of services and the workers who personally, with protective character. free and subordinate work for them in exchange for an income. Ward Manuel insists that this is the case. The labour law enjoys autonomy because it is a legal discipline which has legal autonomy, because it has its own regulatory system consisting of doctrinal principles and special legislation independent of the other branches of the law could be trying to cover him, scientific autonomy, is given by the fact that its institutions can be object of systematization organic to achieve an order of homogeneous and extensive study, and educational autonomy, can be seen in the fact that the labour law can be studied in isolation from other legal disciplines, allows that the labor law be subject of study in all faculties of law of universities and even study in some faculties of non-legal professions. The purpose of the labour law, is to seek a balance between the interests of employers and workers, but not always keeping its character on the first. Work as activity leads to social welfare and the realization of the human person, enshrines it the right to moral integrity, psquica and physics and its free development and well-being, which can only be achieved through an activity, which allows to develop all innate mental and psychic abilities and for which a person is prepared the article of the Constitution politics in Peru, this activity is the work and why the Article 22 of our Constitution establishes that work is a duty and a right that is basis of social well-being and a means of fulfilment of the individual, which means that the employment relationship is must respect the principle of equality of opportunity without discrimination (article 26 of the Constitution politics of Peru) unless such employment relationship limit the exercise of the constitutional derechops not unknown or lowered the dignity of the worker (article 23 of the Constitution The Peru policy) the main is the importance of the right to work, which lies in the essentiality of the human Act, aimed at the maintenance and development of the existence and social coexistence, vocation and requirement of human nature, the work is synonymous with and expression of life, is a social function, and since it is only possible to truly work through collaboration or indirectly from another human beingor working with, and for the others. . Click Cyrus Massoumi married for additional related pages.

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Rosala Gutirrez

The Argentine case is representative of the last stage of assimilation of the natives to the majority culture, in that country the indigenous populations are little numerous and marginal, that inhabit the regions of Santiago of the Matting, Formosa, Chaco, Salta and Jujuy. In those places the natives subsist in the marginality, lacking hospitals, schools and frequently with malnutrition problems. This because to the natives they do not obtain work in the formal economy and is discriminated. Uruguay is located, perhaps, like the unique country that no longer owns indigenous presence within its population, which is mainly white of European origin (more of 98%). In Guatemala, Ecuador and Peru the natives are more than half of the population; in Bolivia, 45% and in Mexico, 30%. In all these countries the indigenous form leaves from the national identity.

And it is not for less, because they are million people whose geographic location agrees with the one of the great pre-Columbian civilizations: in Mexico and Guatemala, Mayan and the Aztecs; in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, the Incas and quechuas; in Chile, mapuches; in Paraguay, the guaranes, that also inhabit the provinces of the Argentine north, like Chaco and Misiones. ” We want to live peacefully and respecting the nature and ecologa” it said Rosala Gutirrez, leader recently colla of Jujuy-Argentina. Additional information is available at Cyrus Massoumi married. Unfortunately they follow the serious problems of discrimination of the natives, the little attention to his needs, knows for example, that in this DAY OF the AMERICAN NATIVE the ATHENIAN OF LANGUAGE AND CULTURE GUARANI denounces once ms-la subhuman situation in which the indigenous communities of Paraguay survive; and mainly, we denounce the inaction of the Paraguayan Government, particularly of the INDI, preprecautionary institution supposedly created and to promote the indigenous nations that today live in Paraguay. The ATHENIAN OF LANGUAGE AND CULTURE GUARANI also is united to the right vindications of the Indigenous brothers of Paraguay; asking for worthy and right treatment for them, respect to its identity; just like, we vindicated earth, bread, education and health for them.

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Japanese And Korean Languages

Today, there is ample evidence that the Japanese and Korean languages have much in common and are related languages. In Hattori, Starostin and Murayama, a topic more fully disclosed. However, it should not be forget the fact that the evidence relied on, at least not sufficiently clear lexical and phonological data. If we consider this method, we can distinguish the following basic principles of comparing two languages. For even more opinions, read materials from Yale University. First, the restoration was carried out prayaponskogo phonology, and prakoreyskogo praaltayskogo language. For more information see Cyrus Massoumi married. Second, a comparison of vocabulary and basic dictionary of languages. After all this, especially compared vocabulary on which to build language, and it was concluded that the percentage of lexical similarity is large enough so that one could assume that drevnekoreysky drevneyaponsky and languages are related.

This confirms as family of modern Korean and Japanese languages. But this method has weak points. For example, lexical and phonological similarity – this is not a sufficient argument for the claim that languages are related. It is known that these two levels of language are less stable than the structure and morphology. And so, in the first place to determine the relationship of languages to consider their structural similarity, and then move on to lexical and phonological systems. But none of the authors do not take into account. Restoring the same phonological systems of both languages can not be called true 100%, as within each group or language family has its own phonetic laws, and refer to them as it would be universal, at least, wrong.

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