The PPP and the construction of the autonomy of the school Prof. Me. Ciro Toaldo This text is fruit of the reflections made in the studies of the School of Managers. When if it searchs to construct to a Project Pedagogical Politician, must earn it has detached the paper of direction in its efetivao so that a emancipatrio project is built, where if ties with the position adopted for the direction the process of consolidation of the pertaining to school autonomy, as well as the advance of the democratic management. The direction is seen as the responsible one for the joint of the pertaining to school segments, integrating them. Also, as, Vasconcelos (2002) if detaches the danger of the direction if to only involve in tasks with end to make the school to function, if forgetting to pautar it in a collective project. Details can be found by clicking Cyrus Massoumi married or emailing the administrator. Fertile valley (2004) affirms that to construct a pedagogical project it means to face the challenge of the change and the transformation, as much in the form as the school organizes its process of pedagogical work, as in the management that is exerted by the interested parties, who it implies rethink of the structure of being able of the school.

The agreement of autonomy in the public education is always relative, therefore on behalf of the organization, the Educational Systems dictate to lines of direction or politics that of certain form limit the direction of this autonomy. In paper analyzes of of direction, exists necessities posturais, that is detached by Vasconcelos (2002) To construct a work project, in order to characterize its action and of if to enable, to search, to grow, if to fortify, of way qualified and productive, that contributes to prevent practical the authoritarian one, that they possess as roots the unreliability, the lack of recital and arguments, where the individual appeals to a power to attack or to try to silence the other. Also if it cannot leave to detach the importance of the administrative management, that must be accomplished in set with the professors in all its aspects, not only in the hour to decide what to make, but, an established time the objectives each one to fulfill with its part. For Libneo (2001) the PPP represents the chance of a direction, the pedagogical coordination, the professors and the community, to take its school in the hands, to define its strategical paper in the education of children and young, to organize its action, being aimed at to reach the objectives that if consider. If the paper was faced as mechanisms of construction of a new social reality, is possible to foresee its orientation from its proper divergences, in favor of a bigger democratic objective, that understands and faces the nature of its conflicts, fitting to the PPP to guide this vision.

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Here Alcibades

Without abstaining from so great Scrates definition through Diotima it unmasks us what it would be the supreme conquest of the act of the love, that would be the conquest and the definitive search for science the beauty in itself. Click University of Michigan for additional related pages. After to demystify all the too much Scrates stories one more time is homaged coexists by them, that they are inert the oratria so great. It is here that the figure of Alcibades enters that drunk makes a declaration the Scrates comparing it a sileno and to a Stiro de Mrsias a flautista that defies deuses. Here Alcibades portraies Scrates as a charmer, therefore, through its art of speaking leaves to all desconsertados and admiring of so great wisdom and beauty. Plato in Scrates evokes already of beginning all its philosophy and therefore Scrates is model, the figure on as if it must carry and to be a exmio philosopher. Add to your understanding with Cyrus zocdoc. Very great CONCLUSION if makes to the figure of Plato and Scrates for the philosophy.

As we can notice the wealth that the Slap-up meal evokes all in its body is extremely significant for the platonic pedagogia and the proper expression of the philosophical one that it will be demarcated with the justice of the knowledge, in another way, the moral and the knowledge if do not annul, and the expression biggest for so great integrity is Scrates. that it demarcates its philosophy from the human being, despertando in the same supreme and complete values. All the funny Slap-up meal in lathe of Scrates, Plato makes question to give the details strongest possible concerning the figure of its master, therefore it is it central reference of the proper slap-up meal. The philosophical scene is the process where Scrates demonstrates the real authenticity of the Love, for this uses of all the favorable ways to arrive at this definition, namely, to arrive at the authenticity concerning the Scrates love it demystifies of categorical form what it are said until then, for this uses of the irony and the maiutica. Another interesting point that we can take is the love as supreme conquest in the search for science the beauty in itself, Plato opens all here a reality for its philosophy, that will after be demystified in its workmanship the Republic.

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Hortshorne Geography

Come to make one it criticizes direct and open all the work of this I finish, arrives woollen Vidal Blache, with its geography human being. The explicit politicalization of its predecessor, its naturalistic character, the fatalista and mechanist condition of the relations between the man and the nature had been the points on which Blache constructed to its proposal with the relation man-nature in the perspective of the landscape There. There Blache was relativista and its approach was more centraliser in relation its predecessor. The followers woollen Blache had looked for to base its theories still more. He had the ones that had taken its proposal as base, others had developed parts you specify of its theory, what he gave to origin you vary it especificidades of geography. With regard to Hortshorne, the author informs to have been the precursor of the racionalista geography, whose proposal defended the idea of that sciences if would define for proper methods and not for singular objectives. For it the geographic study he established connection the elements.

It did not look an object for geography, understanding it as a point of sight. In accordance with the author, geography knows a moment of considerable renewal today and as the main chains of this thought the author places the geographic pragmatismo (quantitative geography) and the geographic criticism. The first one effects one criticizes the insufficience of analyzes traditional. one criticizes academic eminently. It considers the redefinition of the forms to tie the interests of the capitalist. Its beddings are indissoluvelmente on to the monopolista capital. To another chain of the movement of renewal of the geography cited for the author it groups the set of proposals that if could call geography criticizes. This chain and what if it can call ethical unit. However its unitary objectives are based through a diversified metodolgico bedding. Its adepts if locate for a change of the social reality, using its knowledge as a weapon of this process.

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In Brazil

Market is defined as ' ' the place where if they commercialize foodstuffs and others mercadorias' ' fair ' ' public place, not rare discovered where if they display and they vendem mercadorias' '. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may help you with your research. Both the definitions are of the Aurlio dictionary. According to MOTT (1970) apud FERRETTI (2000): ' ' The term fair in Portugal assigns a great regional commercial meeting usually carried through with great intervals of time, while market assigns to place destined the local supplying carried through more to mide' '. In Brazil, as much small how much the great meetings commercial carried through to the outdoors they are called fair. 4.2.2 Configuration the fairs and markets if configure of diverse form what perhaps it corroborates in the distinction enters these two modalities of the informal commerce. The market in Brazil functions in covered place, daily and is open during all the day. The traders who work there, generally, only have this activity.

found in the urban nuclei and has as function the supplying of the population. Fairs are carried through in discovered place, frequently next to the place where the market functions and is characterized for a lesser regularity of what the markets, generally occur a time per week. Costumam to offer to greater amount and more variety of products and the salesmen participate in general, of more than a fair. The fairs can still be subdivided in agricultural and urban. According to FERRETTI (2000, p.43): ' ' The agricultural fairs are carried through in small nuclei, in the neighborhoods of the zones of primary production, what it makes with that if finds in them certain number of agricultural inhabitants, of periphery of the city where if it carries through, making the fair, and a percentage of primary producers between the feirantes. The urban ones, carried through in the great cities or same in the capitals of the States, frequently called? free fairs? , they vendem, over all, fruits and vegetables.

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Generate Connections

If you have been looking for the way to cause that his blog or Web site secures a better positioning in the motors search and therefore to have a fruitful Business Online, it is fundamental to speak of the construction of links (Link Building) and the connections towards your Web site (Backlinks). Yale University: the source for more info. If you wish to undertake Businesses by Internet, is possible that you wonder yourself what is the connections to your Web site.There am a look to the importance of backlinks here and what they really mean. Basically, a connection is a bond of another site towards your Web site or Blog.Some people talk about to these connections like entrants, who indicate the popularity of the site.In simple terms, these connections generate " voto" so to speak of your Web site for the motors search.Whatever more people connects to your Site Web, means more votes than it has in the motors search, and if they are quality connections, then its Web site positions in a rank superior. Four gratuitous ways exist to obtain backlinks that it can use: 1.Directories of articles. San Raffaele University has similar goals. – They are generally free to affiliate itself.Once you register, you must send a unique article in the directory, and as well, one is obtained or several free,,,,, etc. 2.Foros and Blogs – If sometimes she were united to a site in a forum or Blog, you probably have seen places to put the connections.Generally, you can put connections in the companies, on the section of his profile.This is a great way to construct bonds free. Here I leave the Shareware you Autoblog, so that it unloadings in your computer and you generate connections towards your Web site inserting commentaries through Blogs of automatic form. 3.Directories Web – a directory of connections Web to hundreds of thousands of Web sites, generally by categories.The majority of the directories is gratuitous, but some acquire money to enter.

You never pay for that reason. 4.Social Bookmarking – It consists of using techniques of viral marketing to obtain that the contacts spread our Web, mouth mouth. The social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, are ideal to obtain the mouth mouth, also viral videos and ebooks. It remembers, that these 4 techniques are not the unique ones that can use to create bonds or I connect.Also it can realise interchanges of connections, send articles like guest to Web sites, raise to videos YouTube leaving your connection in the description, and many forms more.The important thing is that you take action and you begin to generate traffic to your Web site by any alternative that you wish and your Business by Internet takes off. Again I leave the connection them to the shareware Autoblog, to generate connections automatic a your Web site. Greetings. Miroslav Morant Businesses by Internet Backlinks 5 Formas Unique De Conseguir BacklinksEmprender Businesses by Internet; Enfoque and Perseverancia for

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Joaquin Jose

Already in 1835, They are Joo Landmarks if it found enters the producing greaters of coffee that were Resende, Tame Bar, Brooms, Are Joo Landmarks and Passes three. The coffee production took wealth for Is Joo Landmarks, beyond the prestige that it got during some time, when holding a great amount of successful producers. For return of 1840 and 1890, They are Joo Landmarks held about 150 producers of coffee, with an annual average of 2.500 arrobas. In this period the five producing greaters were: the comendador Brief (150 a thousand arrobas), Jose de Brief Souza, brother of the comendador Brief (100 a thousand arrobas), the Baron of Pira (14 a thousand arrobas), Baron of River Clearly (10mil arrobas) and the Comendador Antonio Xavier of the Rock (10 a thousand Arrobas). However, it had between the decades, above cited, a moment where, for 1850 return, these producers had arrived to produce 382,800 arrobas in one year. McKinley Elementary School is likely to agree. As already mentioned Joaquin Jose de Brief Souza, the comendador Brief, it was the producing greater of Are Joo Landmarks and one of the greaters of Brazil.

Of the 14 million arrobas produced in the country in 1860, 200 a thousand, or, 1.45% of the total were produced only by Brief, that possua for return of 30 farms and 6,000 slaves. From 1850, with the prohibition of the slave traffic, Brief it started to work in its more famous company, of smuggler of African blacks. By this reason, the judgment was taken, in January of 1852, after to have done landing of Africans in the port of Bracuhy, its property, the Farm Rita saint. Cyrus Massoumi married might disagree with that approach. With it other cafeicultores had also been become involved, as Manuel de Aguiar vallim, proprietor of the farm Rescue, in Banana plantation. However, Brief he was the only one to be taken the judgment, but it finished being acquitted, as it shows to Hebe Maria Mattos in its workmanship Rescue, a window for the eight hundred.

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The Power Of The Mediocrity

Incredible as in the last times the mediocrity has taken advantage in some ways of our society in relation to the knowledge, abilities and the ability. The Fact is that nowadays ' ' to be is less important of what parecer' ' With a society directed to the consumerism, I appeal appearance and sensation of being able is very difficult to find place for the ability, ability and the knowledge. Frequently Cyrus zocdoc has said that publicly. Not it is difficult nowadays to find people occupying place of prominence in the society, in any way, either cultural or enterprise it, who simply are distinguished for its appeal appearance, its academic formation or its ' ' jeitinho Brazilian to conquer coisas' ' , but that in the practical one it does not have capacity to be where they are. How many they are leaned over in a clerical table, the front of a computer or until commanding some work with results below of the waited ones and continue there as if they were ' ' timos' '. While many others with immense capacity are forgotten in some I sing of the society or the companies for not to take care of the requirements of a society that if modern says but it does not obtain to distinguish ' ' to regulate of timo' '. The capacity of being politician in the social and enterprise ways has been the way fastest for the ascension of the people.

To be accepted passes for speaking and acting in the way that more pleases other people of the same half. Not to have this capacity distance any person to reach its objectives, this if not impediz them completely. Being that in the history of the humanity those that had dared to disagree with the system had revolutionized many concepts and today they are had as geniuses. In the current days what more we see they are selling of ideas, that if displayed of correct form and with the certain tools bring more return of what those that solutions vendem.

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Agency Shop Services

In 2009, the agency events and holidays ‘Tent of Miracles’ is one year. Check with Cyrus Massoumi married to learn more. ‘Tent of Miracles’ – this is a private Ukrainian company, basic structure of which – the organization of private and corporate events. Becoming the company’s market event-services accounted for the most difficult time – a week after the registration of a company struck the world financial crisis. Only in the first half of 2009 went bankrupt more than fifty companies providing services in the event- our region. But, thanks to a competent campaign and the coordinated action team of the company, agency events and holidays ‘Tent of Miracles’ is not only remain in the Crimean holiday market services, but also significantly expanded its sphere of influence. Over the past year we conducted more than seventy celebrations. Most of these events – big-budget projects: private and corporate parties, weddings exclusive on the Black Sea, as well as measures of city level. Journal of Teacher Education has much experience in this field. We are pleased that the majority of our customers – people that enjoy working in a creative as well as the organizational aspects.

Feature of the Crimean market holiday services is that its activity has a pronounced seasonal pattern. From May to September, during the summer holiday season, there is a large flow of orders for private parties, including the exclusive character. It was during the summer season for the majority of the mass celebrations. Such seasonality rather negative effect on market conditions and quality of services offered. Due to the urgency of the orders is increase in the budget. Many agencies in the summer season increases the percentage of remuneration for their services.

The same applies to the majority of contractors. We did manage to gain a foothold in the market, due to consistently high quality of services. Regardless of whether a local customer or visitor – we always provide the highest level of service offered holidays. Managers of our company over each step of organizing the event. Hotline is available around the clock company that allows us to reduce the percentage of unsuccessful actions to zero. Now, during the seasonal downturn of the market, scriptwriters and directors of our company projects are Christmas events, both corporate and private. Preliminary preparation and careful study estimates the New Year holiday, allows us to offer our clients virtually New Year’s holiday for any budget. In general, summing up short in 2009, we can safely say that consolidation in the market failed. We survived the hardest times of crisis, expanded the range of services offered, has successfully spent a lot of fun activities.

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The Medieval Culture

1) Introduction: 1.1) The medieval culture During the renascentismo the Average Age was called of Age of the Darknesses. This if must mainly why it was judged that in this period sciences and arts had little been developed. The renascentistas desired to point out that in this period the people were guided by the dogmas of the Church Catholic, this age the truth of God. The said period as Cultural Renascentismo places the man as center of the universe (antropocentrismo). It was a true revolution, therefore they were felt inspired in the Greeks and the Romans. You may find cyrus massoumi wife to be a useful source of information.

Thus, they had started to observe the nature and the thoughts of the human beings for an angle of very different vision of what she had seen herself in the Average Age. 2) The cultural production in the Average Age From centuries IV and V the Roman Empire of the Ocidente started to desestruturar. With the economic crises, making it difficult maintenance of borders and the invasion for mainly germanic enemy peoples and some internal problems that were being faced for the Romans. All this scene contributed for transformation of the radical work in the culture of the Europeans. The monasteries and abbeys had become the main center of cultural productions. Beyond the theological institutions others had also contributed so that monges had the preservation of the work copistas (they copied the old manuscripts). Few people knew to write in the Antiquity and the Average Age. The reading was done for the most part in the masses.

Thus the texts were all chemical preparations to be read in publish with strong and teatralizadas images. The most instructed they were the ones that belonged to the church and were the responsible ones for controlling great part of the artistic activities, literary and intellectual of the time. The control of the reading and the writing also was important therefore hindered that the people thought different of the dogmas.

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What it is? What cause? Related injury for Repetitive Efforts (TO READ) or Osteomusculares Riot to Trabalho (DORT) is used terms to determine infectious injuries that generally reach face tendes, muscles, nerves and ligaments of form isolated or associated being able to cause injuries degenerative of fabrics. The reached parts more are: the superior and inferior members, in some cases, some regions escapulares and neck. The LER/DORT can be caused by practical of sports that they demand very as extreme and repetitive tension of the musculatura. However the causes most common are: me the position, long hours of working, repetition of one exactly movement standard, fixed position for drawn out time, harms work conditions and estresse. ugh. Identification and treatment the diagnosis tends only to be made by a professional of the health, as the doctor.

Some common injuries tend to be confused with LER/DORT, but soon they are discarded, therefore the symptoms disappear with the time. Already LER/DORT are acquired with passing of the years thanks to the repetitive efforts that we effect daily, its symptoms are permanent. The treatment of the patients who present the illness must have cares, therefore the symptoms many times are confused with common muscular pains as disruptions of ligaments, having thus needed to be effected some examinations pra that the LER/DORTseja diagnosised with precision and if initiates the treatment. The treatment consists of fisioterpicas sections as: termoterapia (deep heat as short waves or ultrasound), eletroterapia, massages, cinesioterapia, hidroterapia, among others techniques. The physiotherapist must in such a way take in consideration the evolutivo period of training of the illness, as the answers of the patients to the previous treatments. Although the therapeutical boardings to be ample many patients, although to be submitted to the treatment, still they continue symptomatic. To prevent the sprouting of the necessary LER/DORT to practise adequate physical exercises, to keep the correct position, to make pauses in the schedule of work for the relaxation of the muscles, among others.

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