Healthy Lifestyle Building

For special services to build the image of a healthy lifestyle among young Russians – Moscow City Duma Deputy, Chairman of the Commission on Health Care and Public Health Lyudmila MHD Stebenkova. Awarded honorary diplomas of the contest in the category "Project of the Year in Science imidzhelogicheskoy" winners – Vladimir Zhebit, a member of the Academy of imageology, Ph.D., Director Project "Non-linear communication" (Moscow) – for his thesis "Social and psychological factors of the dynamics of the image of politics." Margaret Rubikovna Vartanian, a member of the Academy of imageology, Ph.D. Pedagogy, senior lecturer in pedagogy Tobolsk State Pedagogical Institute. Mendeleev, Tobolsk, Russia – for his thesis "The image of the teacher as a factor zdorovesberezheniya subjects of the educational process. " The team of authors headed by Yuri Chernyshov IG, doctor of historical sciences, professor, head of the Department of World History and International relations of Altai School of Political Studies (Barnaul) – for the book "Diary of the Altai School of Political Studies number 23. Modern Russia and the World: Alternatives to Development (the international image of Russia in XXI Century). Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Ronanld Daniels johns Hopkins University . Materials International scientific-practical conference ". Diploma in this category are called: the collective of authors headed by Ludmila Nikolaevna Choi, PhD, Associate Professor, Director of the Baikal State University of Economics and Law (Yakutsk), head of the department of advertising and public relations (PR) Yakutsk State University. M. Ammosov, a member of the Board of image politics of the Sakha Republic the President of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) – a collective monograph "The theory and practice of forming the social and economic image of the region." Sergey Gorin, Ph.D., founder and CEO research group reputiology, chief editor of "Economics and entrepreneurship" (Moscow) – a set of scientific publications in the field reputiology.

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Timor Leste

The same if it can say of the definition of a State of peace. In 2002, dissertao of mestrado of this author to the Law school of the USP – ' ' Beddings of the Operations of Peace of the ONU and the Question of Timor Leste' ' it was looked to investigate the diverse meanings of the peace to be able to understand the target of the operations of peace of the ONU. In that study, to understand the diverse meanings of the peace was necessary to identify that type of peace was longed for in formal operations of the ONU that had evolved of initiatives of peacekeeping (maintenance of the peace) for initiatives of peace-building (construction of the peace). In this study in them a chance was presented to advance a little in those reflections more, not only in relation to the operations of peace, but in the search of a definition for ' ' situation of paz' ' that it characterizes a State of peace. In that study, we define the peace under global the structural perspective as ' ' a positive, recognized value, yes, as a insufficient, but basic good for the accomplishment of the intentions of the sustainable economic development, the social progress, justice, the equality between the men, the reciprocal assistance between the Peoples, of the sovereign equality between Estados' '. On the other hand, the peace also can be defined as: ) the internal peace in contraposition to the external peace; b) peace as antithesis of the war; c) the peace as a value and as a perpetual ideal; d) the peace as half or; e) as they prefer Raymond Aron and Norberto Bobbio, as satisfaction or impotence, power peace. They see to follow it some of its characteristics. The internal Peace is the peace of private court of the individual; the external peace, of interaction between the individuals and the groups of which it is part, its community.

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The Immense

Ananias in no time said to God that he would not comply with their instructions or that he was not willing to go beyond where the Lord sent it. He simply reasoned with your God and Lord. He gave you reasons as to a friend. Your answer is only a great sign of the beautiful relationship of friendship and trust that had with God! He converses with God, without presenting apologies as did other men of God. He only gives God his point of view against Saul, but looked calm God’s response. AND She will not be waiting. God simply tells you something as well: view because you are going to Minister to one of the great beyond. Do not ask anything more and go.

Do not compare the fear you have to go there with the sufferings that Saul will have to suffer for my name!. I.e., God even reveals Ananias the immense purpose that had in the life of this man. With those words God gives peace of mind and Ananias appears in the text as a very attentive to your such man, your advice and your decrees. 2 We are ready to go clear, that reasoning of Ananias was in some way a kind of opposition, but taking care of refuse to hear and obey. Those reflections did not serve that Dios changed its opinion (therefore not is man to be changing of opinion) but that Ananias charged confidence and boldness to know your God’s purposes. At the same time God never refused to give the reasons for that was commissioned by this mission and had given him the vision he by contrast was merciful in the explanation of the purpose as the I had all this. Ananias, as every obedient man, to know God’s purpose, does not put more topics of conversation, not more delay its action, does not further questions, no trafficking involved God with more speculation, much less heard God and doing something else like for example did Jonas.

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Shelle Rose Charvet

Often missing verb or subject in sentence structure. The reactive person speaks, as she would control the environment. The reactive candidates is a service professional and suitable for customer care and stationary sales. In the field he would bring itself each time to take the handset to call someone he doesn’t know. + Reactive candidates thinking once again about analyzed the situation, bearing in mind also the disadvantages, considering his response, could consider, would also be able, takes into account the overall situation. The direction of motivation: Back to off by no later than at the first sales contest you are confronted with the question of what motivates your employees to take action. Who will be enthusiastic about bonuses, commissions and competitions to staff, his fighting spirit is activated. The way of staff is to generate its necessary maintenance and to avoid a looming poverty strive.

+ The way by motivated will answer your questions: I would like to no longer, I would like to avoid x and y, I want to prevent that, we must get rid of xy. + Which will respond to motivated: I would like to in the future, I would like to x, I want to achieve y, my goal is master of problem-solving are way by motivated. Impending doom has a strong motivational effect. The sailing tour of the best will not inspire but it to peak performance. To motivated pursues its goals and fight for its success. When it detects problems he finds it difficult to often. In extreme cases it can affect naive others. You are employees identify themselves with your motivation measure and make the team of the service providers.

The Away from employees are themselves relatively quickly disconnect and, provided here no individual motivation, join the team of red lanterns. These two factors of the LAB will help you to get to know the personality of your candidate. In the best case, take all 12 factors to get a complete picture. Please keep in mind that the motivational orientations are always depends on the context. You never give a complete picture of the person in all life situations. Cordial greetings Sebastian Bayer source / further reading: Shelle Rose Charvet: Word, Junfermann Verlag, 1998, Sebastian Bayer is a LAB-profile Shelle Rose Charvet certified master.

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Fertile Activities

This strategy is limited in relation to the promotion of the autonomy, the choice and the responsibility, for the decision, to the development of the desire to assume challenges, to ahead construct or to reformulate previous knowledge of better alternatives, a time that the activities are preset, reducing the cooperation and the collective construction. Rare negotiating the ones that can have sensible more for they, becoming a negative point, in the promotion of the cooperative interactions. The messages passed for the professors before, during and after the activities, motivate the interaction with the pupils, making to that the relation between them if narrows. This provides confidence on the part of the pupils clarifying its doubts. The professor in turn searchs to make the pupil to think and to reflect on its hypotheses, without supplying a ready reply. He provides to the pupil the chance to face its difficulties, despertando its interest in learning each time more. Vladislav Doronin follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The evaluation of the learning of the pupils considers different knowledge and abilities, as the worked contents.

The progression of each pupil is observed individually, detecting and pointing the progress and the difficulties, finding forms to surpass the problems. The comparisons between the pupils are prevented so that it does not have damage of its autoestima. Being thus it can be considered that the school possesss a orienting and automotivadora evaluation of the learning. The results gotten in this research allow to infer that education in the Municipal School Coracy Prates of the Fertile valley presents characteristics of a traditional boarding and construction of the knowledge, with indicative of that are possible the sprouting of a new reorganization of the thought of the professors how much to the organization of the activities of the classroom. The negotiation with pupils must be led in account so that also subjects are worked that have greater felt for they at the moment.

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The Wisdom

The theory of the four causes elaborated, searching to understand the essence of each thing; still, searching to discover the truth, the structure of the logical silogism elaborated. Its scientific logic and its studies of biology (potencializados for the conquests of its I cry, Alexander, the Great one), are basic for the development of discipline them to both, that it occurred later (Bergman, 2004). He was the founder of the 2 secondary school, in Atenas, where it taught to its theories of philosophy the students (Figueira, 2005). 4.PERODO HELLENISTIC This period extends of the end of century III C until century VI dC. With the conquests of Alexander, the Great one, from the Macedonian, the culture in the old world suffered many transformations (Figueira, 2005). Later, the conquest of Greece for the Romans intensified the destruction politics of the Greeks and the decay of its concerns politics. The helenismo, for the philosophy, represents a continuity of the schools platonic and aristotelian, and searched to explain the nature and the man, and its relations with the deities (Cabral, 2006). A leading source for info: Vladislav Doronin. The conquests of the foreigners had caused the decay of the patriotism, placing as main question the private life, the problem of the happiness and the personal salvation.

Thus, the philosophy adopted a position of practical moral, searching to guide the men in its behavior. They are the five main schools of this period: estoicismo, epicurismo, skepticism, ecleticism and cynicism (Cabral, 2006). 4,1 ESTOICISMO the name estoicismo drift of? sto? , that it means porch, alluding to that they were to the doors of the city nailing the doctrine. Unbelievers of you polish and of the influence of deuses, the esticos were individualistic and turned it its subjectivity. For the practical one of virtues had tried to reach the wisdom. Living the virtues in one practical rational, believed that they would obtain? ataraxia? , that it would be the absence of sensations and disturbances.

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The Pedagogical

However the use of more than one different method in one same lesson of esportiva initiation is of utmost importance to the good agreement and perfectioning of the pupil/athlete in its esportivas discoveries with the game in itself. FINAL CONSIDERAES We consider that the professors of the esportiva initiation in general must have basic knowledge of the metodolgicos principles to be proportionate in its treinos lessons/, in the school as well as in escolinhas of esportiva initiation, therefore these have a relation with the learning of the pupil, with the election of the motor activities to be proposals, with the pedagogical lines of direction, the idea that if athlete has of the formation of the pupil/. In such a way, I begin it analytical-synthetic metodolgico leaves to develop the creativity of these pupils, therefore one leaves formulates ready for each problem of game, where to the times nor always it is the best exit for the problem, thus being when this formed player enters in a phase places that it in real situations of game, it leaves to desire, therefore it does not find exits stops such problems and errors that for happiness come to have. As to choose a metodolgico principle, it is of great importance to know it, was looked in this article, on the other hand, you arrive in port to clarificar them theoretical of the analytical-synthetic principle and as it will be if objectifying for the learning of the pupils, thus emphasizing the final objective of the research, it stops with that the pupils, parents, responsible and the society in general can have a bigger vision and understanding of the activities practised and offered in the school and places of initiation of the education process/learning/training. Which the main limits and some of the possibilities of the analytical-synthetic method in the esportiva initiation. We wait that other studies can be carried through in our society so that if it can know, in other scenes and etrias bands, as the professors/trainers provide the education of the esportiva initiation in our society, since the sports are practised and wanted for the Brazilian children.

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After the lessons, next to the tests, pupils they remained in the laboratory to take off its doubts with Horcio and Luana, that continued studying Parasitology with tenacity. After all, he could not disappoint Horcio, that trusted it a task of the biggest responsibility. The monitoria made with that Luana if approached to Horcio. They talked on many things: politics, religion, sports, the nurse profession, the professor profession you discipline, them that Luana attended a course in that semester, tests, family This proximity, that incipient and exactly amena, it made with that Luana if enchanted still more with Horcio. it could swear that Horcio was if interesting for it. However, Horcio did not take any initiative of bolder approach. Luana was insane with this. One day, created courage and asked if Horcio was married.

– Not, I am not married. But I have namorada. – It is? It has how much time namoram? It thinks about if marrying it? it inquired Luana. Horcio smiled. It said that it namorava has one year almost and that it did not think about if marrying, after all its namorada had only 22 years and was starting the mestrado one in the same laboratory where Horcio made its doutorado. Both needed to have a professional and financial situation more insurance for this. The sand castles of Luana had fallen.

The namorada one of Horcio was younger of what it he was mestranda. It was supervisor of school and student of nursing. The young woman had to be sufficiently intelligent, therefore so young already she had been approved in an election of after-graduation in an area sufficiently concurred. Luana passed some time thinking about a skill to make Horcio to be interested for it and both to be together. Vladislav Doronin can aid you in your search for knowledge. After some nights in clearly, it concluded that she was a mature woman, reasonable experienced and that it could very be well declared for Horcio.

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The Dance

Being important the idea of that the expression of the feeling, in art, does not occur in direct way, but through one forms symbolic, since a symbol is any artifice with which it is possible to operate an abstraction and, in the case of art, carries through a joint and a presentation of the feeling. In accordance with Hanna cited for Dantas (1999, P. 15) the dance is a human behavior consisting from sequencias of movements and differentiated corporal gestures of usual motor activities. Such movements and gestures are organized culturally, take care of to intentions and scienters of the dancers and have inherently aesthetic value. In accordance with Sachs cited for Dantas (1999, p.22) the dance is the mother of the arts. Music and the poetry exist in the time: the painting and the sculpture in the space. However the dance lives in the time and the space. The creator and the creation, the artist and its workmanship, are in the dance an identical thing only e.

The rhythmic drawings of the movement, the plastic direction of the space, the livened up representation of a seen and imagined world, everything this the man creates in its body by means of the dance. It consists of rhythmic movements that involve all the parts of the body, in tune with diverse styles of music. She is lived deeply in all cultuaras, being one of the few activities in which the human being if finds more complete-body, has lain and spirit. We can say that the dance is a communication form that express individual and social understanding of the world. The dance as language in the school favors the expression and conscience of the body, being that this work aims at the corporal conscience, promoting the respect and the valuation of the possibilities of discoveries of each person on same itself, to the contact with the other and with the group, moreover, the dance propitiates the individual, musical rhythm, creative slight knowledge of secular space and dramatizaes.

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The same behavior is used in relation to the professors and schools: they are impersonal, deriving projects of other states, other realities, without the minimum contextualizao, approved in the cupola of the state education and that they arrive intempestively at the classrooms. With the same rapidity that comes if they go, and the education continues the same one. The same if it can say in the way with that the schools receive these projects: they dissimulate that its methodologies accepted, inspections dissimulate that they inspect, certify that everything goes well, but in the truth they nor arrive close to reaching its objectives. What to make so that this moves? How to implant real projects, for real contexts, real schools, real pupils, in this fantasiosa reality and fugaz? Our more mentally ill, unprepared pupils each time for vestibular contests, Olimpadas de Matemtica, PAEBES, BRAZIL TEST, ENEM and other forms of evaluation. (A valuable related resource: Vladislav Doronin). The more if he evaluates more if he proves that our pupils are without content, at least do not know to read and to interpret texts. We believe that the only solution is to create projects contextualizados with each pertaining to school community, and to enable professors more each time. But to really enable, with exchange of content, exchange of real experiences, mainly with the communities and the cities. It seems each time more than this exchange of experiences takes to a pressure of the government in relation to the professors schools.

E in them also seems, that in the hour to select professionals for the education has to have a bigger rigorosidade, therefore we have few professionals specialized in areas as physical, chemical, and mathematics. Without speaking in professors of Portuguese and foreign language, who do not read, nor they say the language, but they teach the grammar. Since to teach he is to give example, and he is with example that if he educates, because professors read so little? Because in the school, that would have to be surrounding of study and concentration, he exists as much noise, as much racket and as much invasion of privacy? Few are the silence moments where if it can study or talk on subjects of real interests for the culture.

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