Markets pulled week bursting with joy at the news of the decision to bail out Greece, Portugal and Spain, and avoid economic collapse in the eurozone. Levi’s often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Europe’s leaders understood that the only way out of this situation of profound crisis is among all and this fact can mark a before and an after in the history of Europe and in particular the eurozone. (A valuable related resource: Campbell Soup Company). More pronounced since the outbreak widespread hikes were observed in the day of Monday’s subprime it and was not disappointed. Bag of Greece climbed nearly 10% in the Athex Composite, IBEX35 with an extraordinary increase of 14.4% returned the euphoria in Spain, Germany the DAX was fired by 5.5%, in France, the CAC40 rose by 9.7%, Italy exploited with 11.3% in FTSE MIB index and Portugal PSI General reached 10.6%. On Tuesday, and as you would expect, it was a day of corrections and it is for this reason that in European Shales predominated in red numbers. The euphoria experienced in Europe during the day on Monday was infected with force in other global markets, with strong rises on the stock exchanges of the USA and the rest of the countries of the American continent. The markets returned to breathe. Also the euro which is already headed toward the end of his brief life, recovered forces and hopes.

The weekend that passed, there was no rest in Europe. The situation warranted great efforts. After all, if European leaders could not keep an eye, what better idea that working in a forceful and committed anti-crisis plan. This idea led to the EU economy ministers to meet and approve the creation of a rescue fund endowed with 500 billion to assist the countries of the eurozone, and especially Spain and Portugal, if they have problems to refinance its debt. This Fund will assure the markets that nothing bad can happen to these countries in compliance with their commitments. Continue reading – investment opportunity you can invest in the stock market of the United States from any country in the world and earn additional income. Are you tired of not knowing where to invest your money? In which sector, in which company, in what market, at what time? Tired of paying high commissions to managers of portfolios or portfolio managers who have you done losing money consistently in the last two years? Ingreseaqui for details of how to multiply your money and achieve financial independence.