this my friends they does not say the truth there, therefore they do not obtain to be priests and they open churches as if it opens a bottle of wine, does not have not even the modesty to try to be priest, clearly to be evanglico is enough to learn to say to nonsenses against the church catholic and if it becomes shepherd, it does not have lines of direction, it does not have nothing to have with God, to be shepherd is to serve the man to have more pra itself. When the inquisition catholic, where they are the right shepherds who would say on the evanglica inquisition ' ' protestante' ' , I make question to write on this in a next text, but I go to give examples: (- The slaughter of monges of the Abbey Is registered of Is Bernardo de Brmen, in sc. XVI: monges had been assassinated or desfolados, shooting salt to them in the alive meat, being to follow hung in the bell tower for protestant bandos. – Six monges cartuxos and the bishop of Rochester, in protestant England, had been hanged in 1535. – Enrique VIII ordered to burn thousand of catholics and anabaptists in sc. XVI (but she was its son catholic, Maria, who finished receiving the heading from ' ' Maria, sanguinria' ').

– Joo Servet, the finder of the circulation of the blood, was burnt in Geneva, for order of Calvin (however, he is common if to remember only of ' ' Galileu&#039 case; ' , which was not executed). – When Enrique VIII initiated the protestant persecution against the catholics, they existed 1,000 (a thousand) monges more than Dominican in Ireland, of which only 02 (TWO) had survived to the persecution. – At the time of the protestant empress Isabel, about 800 (eight hundred) catholics they were assassinated per year.