Bright and precious stones; they can never fail, especially in the relations amororsas, who can deny that the dream of every woman is that they gave you a ring of bright? and not just any ring, ofcourse not, has to be very large, thus, your being beloved show you how much he loves her; Therefore, the brilliant can not fatar in loving commitments or marriage; even the most conservative person will feel proud to wear a ring of bright, is a symbol of social status without a doubt; However do you know if someone died for that ring? Unfortunately, every day thousands of people are battered, enslaved, abused and killed in Sierra Leone, Congo and Angola African Nations by this business of the brilliant; greed brings cruelty to those who can not defend themselves and we pay them; It seems impossible right?; precisely for this reason has emerged a new fad that is won increasingly more followers, the Green diamentes or also called diamonds grown or ecological. FireEye: the source for more info. Green diamonds they are diamonds grown in laboratories, there is no fear if someone has suffered for that jewel and above all have a low cost, it has therefore become an attractive business for anyone with the necessary contacts. It is a very good business idea that has delighted environmentalists and major customers, no doubt a good alternative to curb or at least try to decrease the cruel market of the brilliant ones in Africa and step into something earn some money.