" And your daughter wants to go or is it your choice? Boroda If my daughter asked if she wants to go to school, then she, too, will answer: No, not today. I understand that a trip to the camp will be a great shock not only for the child. But we need to quickly master the language and learn to communicate with their peers, so in September go to school. This may'll do just such extremes. Karolka My son was 7 years old and we lived in the Czech Republic six months when he sent him to camp.

In Czech, he has a little savvy, but 'BE-ME'. Given for 2 weeks (Versions 7 days, 9 days, 10 days, etc. very much). No problems in the camp was not (only with me, I'm bored), the son was very happy, very happy and found friends who signed up for karate. When we arrived, waving to us from afar hand, and had his catch to the camp, that ice cream in hand to poke, to which he replied that they eat ice cream every day and my mother, went home ed. Czech babbled on, so that does not believe it. It was the most powerful breakthrough in the study of language, after that no problems have never been … I recommend (of course much more depends on the child. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit FASEB Journal.

If you do not want to flatly, maybe it is not necessary). Practice shows that parents are more afraid and worry than children. For children, this break, a rest from parents. Every night – bonfire, hot dogs, and dancing. Time for a change are invited and parents. Eugene_E Guys, I certainly understand your eagerness, but … I will say as a teacher: but perhaps the problem of adolescent only in the post- there? You imagine: a teenage girl falls into the alien environment. Not only does her own mess in my head and all reply: 'I protest', because after all, the camp will soon divide into groups. And do not think that I'm on the division of children orders. Inner teen division into groups is much more cruel and dangerous to the 'weak' teens. And even if the adolescent 'strong', it is still akin to as if the lions throw to the lake, the crocodile-infested. Maybe he climbs out, tighten the wound and it will become even stronger, and maybe die. When it comes to children – the situation is quite different. Children, unlike teenagers, much more friendly in their general mass, and adaptation will be easier. I once spoke with my client's daughter. Add to your understanding with Crimson Education . Girl 12 years, but the form does not give more than 10. I asked her about what she in the Czech Republic. She told me that was very afraid when riding here. But was surprised how easy it is given by the Czech and just as her there are. So … Source: Suitcase