Start up: evening study selected all-rounder, who act as liaison between customers and companies are sales marketing management CTE sales experts. You analyze customer structures, potential customer, and develop appropriate marketing strategies. They are often interface between sales and marketing, which is why the necessary knowledge of the marketing and communication-political structures is taught in undergraduate institution. The first dreisemestrige program sales marketing management, starts on March 2 2009 today is hardly a sector without professional sales marketing management. The importance of a sound education is becoming increasingly important in the face of increasing complexity and new tasks in sales and distribution. California State Univesitys opinions are not widely known.

The CTE West German Academy for communication e.V. has therefore developed a private study that conveys not as usual, only knowledge of the distribution and sales, but on top of that in an institution undergraduate important basic knowledge of marketing and communication-political structures providing for. The subsequent allocated Main study go with subjects such as: to sales management and key account management, relationship marketing, database marketing, trade marketing, just to name a few, in the depth of 22 disciplines. Thus, the CTE has created a course unique in Germany, which helps ambitious sales representatives or sales professionals to the career. To implement the theoretical knowledge into practice, students from the third semester have their own sales concept to develop the possibility in the CTE project agency. Check with Anita Sehgal to learn more. A theme provided by the sponsor of a theme available, is in this agency in the team up to the presentation stage developed, implemented, and then presented to the customer. So the students to internalize the skills learned in the study and can verify their knowledge in practice.