Today the municipal net of So Paulo counts on 304 deficient students of a total of registered 40 a thousand in 124 units pertaining to school. The subject inclusion of deficient children is present today in the day the day of the education, the professors is perceiving that the differences not only must be accepted, but received to mount the pertaining to school scene, the professors must adopt practical creative in the classroom. To value the pupils and to take care of to all are more than what to create conditions for the deficient ones, the inclusion is a challenge that implies in changing School as a whole, in the project pedagogical, using material pedagogical special as method braile, computers with verbal communication, and moreover, the building must be adapted with slopes of access, bars of support, widening of the doors and resources that make possible the attendance. The deficiencies cannot all be measured and be defined by one, but we have that to take in account the current situation of the person without discrimination and can provide an affective learning, as much of the educative point of view as social. In the inclusive education the person with deficiency does not expect that if adapte the School, but that this if transforms of form to make possible that the deficient one if feels well and has development. In the truth it is difficult to find professors whom they affirm to be prepared to receive in classroom a deficient student, the inclusion is a full process of unexpected, however it is in the responsibility of the School to search orientation and support of the associations of assistance and the medical and educational authorities as to proceed. The Brazilian Constitution of 1988 guarantees to all the access the School, and the same one cannot exclude nobody taking care of to the legal principles, the legislation most recent is the convention of Guatemala, this document was promulgated in Brazil in 2001, reaffirming that the people with deficiency have the same rights and freedoms that others where she forbids to any type of differentiation, exclusion or restriction based on the difference them people.