With this, the campaigns that enclose great part of the population do not guide the practical one of correct form, beyond not having competent programs of education of the auto examination of the breasts in services of attendance to the woman. 4 FINAL CONSIDERAES the breast cancer are the type of more common malignant neoplasia in the women. Having much impact of this disease on the society, but great you endeavour come being carried through with the purpose to elucidate the involved molecular structures in gnese of this neoplsico process, as well as in the search of new therapeutical alternatives. In the area of the genetics of the cancer it is evolving positively, and the technique clinic is if extending to follow the challenge of this area in constant change in the attempt to diminish mortality through at every level efficient therapeutical methods that if find the injury. Therefore, one concludes that it is excellent that the precocious detention of the cancer of breast for mediation of the education of the auto-examination is of incubency of all the ones that attend patients of the feminine sex, and not only of that acts in specific programs for this end. Opportunity and Counseling Corps: the source for more info.

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