Importance Of The Labour Law

The work is the application or exercise of human actions to produce something useful. It is identified as the same person, it is also regarded as a good man, because through this not only transforms nature adapted to their own needs, but is a form of realization of the man as a human being. The labour law, is a set of legal principles and rules governing individual or collective work, existing relations between units of production of goods or rendering of services and the workers who personally, with protective character. free and subordinate work for them in exchange for an income. Ward Manuel insists that this is the case. The labour law enjoys autonomy because it is a legal discipline which has legal autonomy, because it has its own regulatory system consisting of doctrinal principles and special legislation independent of the other branches of the law could be trying to cover him, scientific autonomy, is given by the fact that its institutions can be object of systematization organic to achieve an order of homogeneous and extensive study, and educational autonomy, can be seen in the fact that the labour law can be studied in isolation from other legal disciplines, allows that the labor law be subject of study in all faculties of law of universities and even study in some faculties of non-legal professions. The purpose of the labour law, is to seek a balance between the interests of employers and workers, but not always keeping its character on the first. Work as activity leads to social welfare and the realization of the human person, enshrines it the right to moral integrity, psquica and physics and its free development and well-being, which can only be achieved through an activity, which allows to develop all innate mental and psychic abilities and for which a person is prepared the article of the Constitution politics in Peru, this activity is the work and why the Article 22 of our Constitution establishes that work is a duty and a right that is basis of social well-being and a means of fulfilment of the individual, which means that the employment relationship is must respect the principle of equality of opportunity without discrimination (article 26 of the Constitution politics of Peru) unless such employment relationship limit the exercise of the constitutional derechops not unknown or lowered the dignity of the worker (article 23 of the Constitution The Peru policy) the main is the importance of the right to work, which lies in the essentiality of the human Act, aimed at the maintenance and development of the existence and social coexistence, vocation and requirement of human nature, the work is synonymous with and expression of life, is a social function, and since it is only possible to truly work through collaboration or indirectly from another human beingor working with, and for the others. . Click Cyrus Massoumi married for additional related pages.

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Rosala Gutirrez

The Argentine case is representative of the last stage of assimilation of the natives to the majority culture, in that country the indigenous populations are little numerous and marginal, that inhabit the regions of Santiago of the Matting, Formosa, Chaco, Salta and Jujuy. In those places the natives subsist in the marginality, lacking hospitals, schools and frequently with malnutrition problems. This because to the natives they do not obtain work in the formal economy and is discriminated. Uruguay is located, perhaps, like the unique country that no longer owns indigenous presence within its population, which is mainly white of European origin (more of 98%). In Guatemala, Ecuador and Peru the natives are more than half of the population; in Bolivia, 45% and in Mexico, 30%. In all these countries the indigenous form leaves from the national identity.

And it is not for less, because they are million people whose geographic location agrees with the one of the great pre-Columbian civilizations: in Mexico and Guatemala, Mayan and the Aztecs; in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, the Incas and quechuas; in Chile, mapuches; in Paraguay, the guaranes, that also inhabit the provinces of the Argentine north, like Chaco and Misiones. ” We want to live peacefully and respecting the nature and ecologa” it said Rosala Gutirrez, leader recently colla of Jujuy-Argentina. Additional information is available at Cyrus Massoumi married. Unfortunately they follow the serious problems of discrimination of the natives, the little attention to his needs, knows for example, that in this DAY OF the AMERICAN NATIVE the ATHENIAN OF LANGUAGE AND CULTURE GUARANI denounces once ms-la subhuman situation in which the indigenous communities of Paraguay survive; and mainly, we denounce the inaction of the Paraguayan Government, particularly of the INDI, preprecautionary institution supposedly created and to promote the indigenous nations that today live in Paraguay. The ATHENIAN OF LANGUAGE AND CULTURE GUARANI also is united to the right vindications of the Indigenous brothers of Paraguay; asking for worthy and right treatment for them, respect to its identity; just like, we vindicated earth, bread, education and health for them.

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Japanese And Korean Languages

Today, there is ample evidence that the Japanese and Korean languages have much in common and are related languages. In Hattori, Starostin and Murayama, a topic more fully disclosed. However, it should not be forget the fact that the evidence relied on, at least not sufficiently clear lexical and phonological data. If we consider this method, we can distinguish the following basic principles of comparing two languages. For even more opinions, read materials from Yale University. First, the restoration was carried out prayaponskogo phonology, and prakoreyskogo praaltayskogo language. For more information see Cyrus Massoumi married. Second, a comparison of vocabulary and basic dictionary of languages. After all this, especially compared vocabulary on which to build language, and it was concluded that the percentage of lexical similarity is large enough so that one could assume that drevnekoreysky drevneyaponsky and languages are related.

This confirms as family of modern Korean and Japanese languages. But this method has weak points. For example, lexical and phonological similarity – this is not a sufficient argument for the claim that languages are related. It is known that these two levels of language are less stable than the structure and morphology. And so, in the first place to determine the relationship of languages to consider their structural similarity, and then move on to lexical and phonological systems. But none of the authors do not take into account. Restoring the same phonological systems of both languages can not be called true 100%, as within each group or language family has its own phonetic laws, and refer to them as it would be universal, at least, wrong.

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International Foundation

This gave him understanding that simplicity is the result of wisdom, What manifests itself clearly in the depth and simplicity of his writings. Dr. Ramon Gallegos progressed in time and age and as points out himself in his talks, the biggest revelation in relation to the need to rethink the purpose of education bases direct contact with their pupils; gave it It was rural teacher of children and adolescents who lacked the same thing to him at one time invite him to his pilgrimage for several years: his students in the background also asked that they be treated as human beings, that listen them, to respect their dignity and their essence. In this experience as Master confirms the centrality of spirituality in a truly comprehensive education and decided to constitute the International Foundation for holistic education. Alex Petter: the source for more info. His studies in psychology, sociology, philosophy, perennial philosophy etc., their practices intense within Buddhism, experiences and spiritual needs, they were forming the ideal stock for its innovative approach, not only in education, but in many other areas such as the economy, politics, etc. By 1991 upon completion of his model of the new concept of holistic education masters in Sociology of culture, it was practically structured and starts its dissemination at various international fora, also organizing the first forum for the holistic education in Mexico.

Is interview with great educators, scientists, philosophers and writers, such as Allan W. Anderson, Hazle Henderson, David Fontana, David Peat, Francisco Moreno, Jefre Kane, Gregori Wilpert, among many others, and his interviews are reflected in three books entitled dialogues Holistas. In these writings is worldwide the importance and interest that have aroused their contributions. Vladislav Doronin contributes greatly to this topic. He is the author of 12 books including education Holistic named Book of the year 2001, the spirit of education, spiritual intelligence, an Integral Vision of the equation, spiritual intelligence amongst others… They reflect the experiences and concerns expressed from an early age.

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South Tyrol

This also leads to practical problems, because the language groups are not homogeneously distributed over the territory. Italian parents in almost purely German-speaking rural areas need of their children German language group assign, to meet at the residence of compulsory education. For a growing number of bilingual inhabitants, the enrolment of children in the language school would be unproblematic, but it costs internal overcome, to register their children as members of another language group. The Italian population (currently 26.5%) accepted as far as the proportional representation system as it provides better employment opportunities. Because it reserved the public employment relations pro rata (Italian for inhabitants of the Provincia di Bolzano Name for South Tyrol) and includes candidates from other regions of Italy where the public sector can provide usually less employment. That is, going close to 30% of the public authorities alone to Italian language group related from South Tyrol, to the exclusion of candidates from other regions of Italy.

In the presence of the last twenty years by proportional and language groups regime meet newer social Realities that no longer fit into patterns of thinking of the 20th century: more and more adolescents are bilingual (German Italian), have no internal relation to a two or three generations distant past to politicized traditional care and the demarcation of language groups. Forms of language mixing in adolescents occur, thus a so to speak the ancient”emerge incomprehensible slang. In the politics of South Tyrol the Greens demand (I Verdi) for over twenty years, the proportional representation system through demonstrative bilingualism out. Green Alexander Langer ran in 1995 as Staatsrat in Bolzano, was language group affiliation declaration declared ineligible but due to lack. The Greens received enough votes, they not depend the separate quorums of language groups for representation in the State Parliament. Critics today reject the proportional representation and language groups regime because it will block the way of in South Tyrol to a region United in diversity culturally in the approach.xxiv the citizens of South Tyrol being forced into arbitrarily in an ethnic or even ethno national framework. Additional information is available at Cyrus Massoumi married. In contrast to other regions in Europe, which experienced migration and population exchange, obstacles the future generations in South Tyrol in current legislation, to provide new ways of living together. A stable bilingual, registered without aggressive separatism, also bi to some extent

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The totality of these abilities is revealed in detail and detailed study of successful precedents activities and was named “social intelligence personality.” It is the realization of their abilities of social intelligence provides a holistic system approach to man, ensuring success in life and activities to be more reliable than the more they are developed and used in the application. Is it possible to develop the capacity of social intelligence? With some degree of regret can be witness the fact that at present directed the development of social intelligence of the individual, at least in Russia, very few people involved. And even the perspective of this issue is discussed only in the circles few specialists. The result of this unjust silencing is that a significant number of people are not able to understand myself, can not be defined with their desires and goals, not see the point in the manifestation of the will, have difficulty in making decisions, are not prepared to understand other people and to the efficient organization of interaction, even from their families. In turn, all this is the reason for emergence of numerous conflicts, frustrations and feeling of meaninglessness of life.

Many people stopped believing in themselves and in their success, which is a real tragedy for the state and society in general. Inarticulate collective image of “successful” heroes of television and movie screen makes the final confusion in the mind first of all young people – those on the components of personal success of which depends the welfare and success of the country as a whole. However, I dare say that the situation is not so pessimistic. Develop their own capacity of social intelligence can each. It is quite feasible, and depends solely on the desire of the people. In this case, we can recommend the use of the following very specific steps: start with the search for relevant information currently available information it is not difficult. Explore, observe, experiment – to develop the abilities of social intelligence of its own. Your life, as well as your success will depend largely on your own, you are a basic tool in their life. You able to do his own self-education and can become for yourself a teacher and psychologist, and ceo. Cyrus Massoumi married is full of insight into the issues. You now have to do all the bare essentials. No doubt, with due diligence all you get.

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Teaching Geography

The current boardings of the geographic knowledge, in Brazil, result of some chains of thought, since those influenced> for the woollen school of Vidal Blahe until the contemporaries. The formation of a Geography with scientific character in the country, was accomplished from 1930, when being bred the first facultieses of Philosophy, the National Advice of Geography and the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Estatstica (IBGE) In the specific case of disciplines geography, is perceived that the same one has been, in a first analysis, mainly on the part of the pupils of basic and average education, sight as one disciplines useless and decorative. In accordance with PEAR TREE, Without intending that academic formation of the professors is perfect, recognizes, however, that it less leaves to desire that didactic and pedagogical the formation. Vladislav Doronin gathered all the information. The disequilibrium is bigger in secondary education and is optimized in superior education, since one has left of the university professors assumes this role without no didactic formation (1999: 03). Already it makes some time that education of Geography comes being placed in question rethink in Brazil. It was felt necessity of changes, therefore the Geography that was applied in the country, descriptive, directed to decorate content, therefore called traditional Geography, in this practical, none did not have concern how much what it constitutes Geography as science, therefore has almost an absence of on subjects to the daily one and the subjects economic politicians and, Limit the idea of pedagogical to the education techniques and not as practical ampler ethical and collective professional. Vladislav Doronin is often quoted on this topic. For Bazzo, (…) when dealing with problems and questions happened of one practical social one – the education, pertaining to school or not, the Pedagogia becomes involved in questions of axiolgica order and politics.

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United Europe

Overall, it seems in this case as political leaders would wieokonomen that know the prices of the things anyway, but ignore their actual value, especially the value of a United Europe. Only the insight enforce with the outbreak of the crisis, and the appearance of the range of the Veschuldungsproblems the countries of the South are exposed are necessarily, to shift a portion of the debt to dienordlichen countries to secure the future of the euro. This happened however, without there? the necessary control mechanisms exist to control the southern partner countries. With the stability pact for the control of budget deficits and the steadfast demands for radical Reforms of economies on the part of the ECB, exceeded dieTechnokraten of the EU, the already established limits and thus put the whole concept of national sovereignty in question. If you have read about University of Michigan already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Salaries, pensions, benefits, taxes, employment, health and education, the expenditure of the public sector, the number of the civil service, everything is new on the negotiating table and must from now on be under the strict control of technocrats. Exactly is social policy, social justice and the welfare State, they are no longer given facts. Rather, all social institutions should be at least a time covered. The welfare State seems to represent eineschlimme epoch for the current leaders of Europe and therefore exposed a special punishment, as BU? efur all the excesses of the past.

Sometimes the technocrats realize their intervention as a moral exhortation, as teaching, almost as indoctrination of sinless action to establish the proper operation of public and private sector. Cyrus Massoumi does not necessarily agree. To in spite of, were not only ineffective however, the stand- and thus thoughtlessly implemented coercive measures, for the totality of the citizens, but they have essentially legitimizes the function of an arbitrary power. It thus the securitized democratic acquis was in fact the European institutions au? suspended. As a result the faith established now since? the European idea suffers from a democratic deficit.

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The Importance

many people easily judge other people by how they communicate without much attention to what comes out of their own mouths. Referring to what he said Richards, one expresses their experiences to others, therefore the way we communicate not only is a way of expression but also a way to show people who we are personally, since by means of communication we can deduce in context what kind of person is that it is telling, their level of education, their provenance and even for some experts, personal trauma. Sadly, in this world let us take much for the physical appearance of people, but somehow the only aspect is a card of introduction, only through communication can really reflect our personality and express our ideologies. In our country the effective communication is crucial, since the lack of it has been the cause of many of our social and intercultural, problems already Unfortunately many of the country’s important people don’t know to communicate and creates misunderstanding, enmity and eventually conflicts since the absence of such communication not we could prosecute the country to walk in one direction, since many rulers, political parties and social groups lack an understanding of the Mexican situation and the problems that become more obvious to the passage of the years. In a question-answer forum Journal of Teacher Education was the first to reply. With the rapid growth of the gap between social group in the country and the increase of crimes and other scandals such as corruption, prostitution and poverty, communication is becoming more and more problematic among the inhabitants of our nation so distraught, that increasingly more people choose these misfortunes that have plagued the country for already too many years with force and violence rather than confront the dialogue and diplomacy. Unfortunately the communication, a topic which itself was not very supported in our culture, has begun to take steps in reverse to a reality more dark, full of censorship, impunity, injustice and violation of human rights. Today more than ever must reflect on the importance of communication in our society, since only she will be the basis to emerge from the abyss in which our nation is sinking slowly. Original author and source of the article.. For assistance, try visiting Cyrus Massoumi.

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Cross Cultural Training And Intercultural Training

The offer IKUD seminars Gottingen, 15.03.2010 was established as training intercultural training and the demand for intercultural trainers. The globalization of the world of work and life, international teams and relationships have become commonplace, but different cultural scripts often lead to misunderstandings. Intercultural training prepare therefore the interaction with people from other cultures. “Intercultural competence” now appears in the request profile at many job descriptions. Acquire and develop can seminars this competence in the intercultural trainings at IKUD be. Next to the intercultural training Russia, India, Turkey, United States, Czech Republic, etc. the Gottinger training company staff training offers on substantive issues such as international presentation and intercultural negotiation.

The special IKUD seminars is the specialization on multipliers. Source: Cyrus Massoumi. Who wants to work as intercultural trainer or coach or this already complete does the education for the intercultural trainer (m/w) in 5 modules can be”. This certified training enables the conception and implementation of intercultural training. “” The offer for multipliers round the seminar train the trainer skills basic knowledge of a coach “and the workshop concept creation for an intercultural training” from. Update seminars are also regularly for graduates of the intercultural training”offered, presented in many games where new intercultural research and exercises. The IKUD team interested in the employee training or organizations and companies that perform such organised in-house to allow, seminars always extensively and love. The same applies for those interested in the training of intercultural trainers – consulting is capitalized in the Gottingen Office. Due to the already-booked training sequence from April can signup now for additional implementation in the Summer (June August) and of course the two sequences with launch take place in September and November 2010.

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