The thematic of children and the adolescents in street situation comes if becoming each more present time in different spheres of the society. This has allowed an increase of the visibility of this phenomenon, that more passed to be argued in the assistenciais contexts, educational and in the health. It is understood for Politics You publish ‘ ‘ the set of class actions directed toward the guarantee of the social rights, configuring a commitment I publish that it aims at to give account of definitive demand, in diverse areas. Emory has similar goals. Express transformation of what he is of the private scope in class actions in the public space.. We must look at for the street with an extended look, under diverse prisms.

In it the children and adolescents can occupy different places, such as of the survival, the trespass, the ludicidade, of you live deeply affective, the place of the violence, but also a place of shelter and pleasure. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from University of Michigan. The universe of the street is very complex, and to dive in it is necessary in them to undress of our values and our referencial of family and quality of life. It interests to understand us its system of Inter-relations and to understand the allure that the street exerts on these boys and girls choose who them as its place. The place of its existence where subjective only beings write its histories of life JUSTIFICATION the modern world provides to violence under all the directions. The familiarity of the children and young, due to omission, the absence of the family who lost the control of the education domesticates and authority, is disintegrated gradually under the forms of conflicts of generations, drugs, precocious maturity, etc.