What is that of which it is worth more? it does not cost to love my grandsons to me, to my children, wife, to my parents and brothers, my friendly and my disciples. Ay of me if it does not knead. It does not cost to me and it fills to me of satisfaction and it is worth immensely more than all the titles, degrees, honors and distinctions that I have received in my professional and academic life. it enchants to me and I enjoy and I feel like alive when giving class, when directing seminaries, when writing articles and books and giving lectures. Learn more about this topic with the insights from NYU School of Medicine. That is not worth because they say that she does not cost to me? It is not certain that he is happier the one than more has but the one that better feels with itself and with its surroundings. To be, to be, to know themselves, to be wanted, to accept themselves, to assume the failures, to welcome in the others and to let themselves embrace and want by the others. To be able to ***reflx mng themselves of our own limitations, to fall and to know how to rise with a smile, of not taking itself in so serious to these round asses divided by half.

Our children and grandsons, from both years, respond when they fall: the ground will help to raise to me me. They do not pronounce Chuang Tz well, author of the aphorism, but to anybody it is happened to say to himbad table, carpets bad, bad toy! Much less, tata bad! is not at the most, better; but how much better, more, I take repeating during decades. The will has its site in the formation of the person, and is certain that those can that think that they can and that an exact person reaches what she yearns for deeply.