Concentrate in the emotions and everything that is beyond words. For more clarity and thought, follow up with cyrus massoumi wife and gain more knowledge.. To manipulate, you gotta be able to excite. Also, remember this little secret to persuade to the other: If you want to have access to the unconscious of someone, a good way to do this is to share emotions and thoughts with that person. Open channels for unconscious communication. For example, one way of doing that others reveal their secrets is that of you first tell a secret: give to receive.

When you have a secret, people feel that, as you have had confidence in them, they can trust you. Furthermore, recalls the fundamental principle of persuasion and social engineering: people want to help others. Use this option in your advantage and take advantage of: asks for help. As we can see, control and mental manipulation are a thing of every day, of which this is only one example. Emotions are a filter that we use to interpret reality. You take control of emotions and you will have control of the filter that separates and classifies the stimuli. You can manipulate a person secretly if you do that you open first to the unconscious communication with you and then modify their emotions. This of course has its subtleties and its techniques to achieve effectively, however, now can start to become more aware of mental control that happens to you around and wake up to a new way of seeing the world because communication there is a powerful tool to control the minds of others and everytime we use it correctly allows us to go natural and secretly to others. Visit my blog for more information about how you can use mind control to make money: elvalordeldinero.blogspot.