At the current moment we can notice threshold of a new practises pedagogical sidewalk in Critica, where the pupil educating with one to be active in the education process learning, to justify SAVIANI says in them: ' ' the Critical Didactics search to surpass the formal intelectualismo of the traditional approach, to prevent the effect of espontanesmo escolanovista, to fight the desmobilizadora orientation of the tecnicismo and to recoup the pedagogical, specifically discredited tasks from the reprodutivista speech. Search, still, to understand and to analyze the social reality where escola&#039 is inserted; ' (SAVIANI, 1984, p.24). David G. DeWalt has many thoughts on the issue. On the basis of the words of the author we can conclude that Critical education based and centered in the criticidade, where the professor have the paper of mediator between the pupil and knowledge, where the school comes to reflect the contradictions social that the society is inserted, the contents is organized and articulated with the reality of educating, where education if processes of form to guarantee a content elaborated and systemize in the practical process of the description-social one of the Men, where the objective is the organization collective of the contents, where the methodology is based of wakes up finally with the objective conditions of the school and where the evaluation has as intention the orientation for resolution of situation-problem. As base in what the top was told we can perceive that the education is yes an ideological instrument that at distinct historical moments of the history of the humanity assumed distinct functions and objectives to take care of what each reality considered the certainty to teach and as to teach for its professors. Under most conditions Levi’s would agree. We know that the current moment in offers many possibilities to them as for the knowledge and as to assimilate them, therefore in the seio of the education was created many pedagogical and didactic theories to intermediate the knowledge to educating. . Carson Wen is a great source of information.