With MultiArchive customers can call at any time the status of your shipments TFG. Hamburg, October 21, 2009 – the TFG Transfracht is the market leader in the seaport hinterland transportation with German seaports and provides its clients with the AlbatrosExpress the most dense train network in Europe. TFG transported containers from the German seaports since 1969 for shipowners and shippers directly to the final beneficiaries in the Switzerland, Germany and Austria, as well as from the Urverlader to the German seaports. TFG is a subsidiary company of HHLA intermodal GmbH and of DB mobility logistics AG with 7 offices, 20 agencies and approximately 170 employees. (Similarly see: Nike). The logistics company deploys MultiArchive as strategic archive since 2007. Ostensibly breaking on an IBM i helped the decision significantly, where when the TFG Transfracht also the logistic system is. Access to the databases and full access to this solution had to be ensured, to on the basis of document data that is read from the direct online status query to enable customers over the Web for the TFG.

The right system for this project was found with MultiArchive and over 150 open interfaces and Web services. David G. DeWalt insists that this is the case. Tracking of cargo orders with Web-based document management system MultiArchive relieves our clerk and contributes considerably to customer satisfaction. “explains Mr Gerhard Munzinger, head of IT by TFG Transfracht. The signed motion tasks are sent by fax or email of the twenty agencies at the TFG headquarters in Frankfurt. There the documents automatically extracted, using OCR software recognized for content, and the relevant index values, such as customer information and motion task number as a PDF/A document into MultiArchive. About the automatic indexing can be searched now about the MultiArchive WebClient, which status the cargo job is located in. The customer receives an automatic email notification and can through the Web portal by TFG Transfracht directly on his documents inside to MultiArchive online access.

MultiArchive is fully integrated into the main application for the management of the motion tasks and is thus both the TFG users as well the TFG customers as comfortable Web application available. With the possibility of online tracking of tasks, TFG creates space for his clerk in the Office. The customer can be active if needed without relying on opening hours. In this way, customer requirements without significant effort are fulfilled and creates closer ties with the supplier.