Also, I took some good ideas and suggestions on the road; most came from crudivoros long time with a lot of experience. Daily records for your convenience records daily this diet test raw vegan will be accessible from the files page. They can be found in January 2008. These records include detailed measurements of all the food I ate, along with pictures of the most meals. Conclusions the diet Crudivora I am glad to have done this 30 day trial. I certainly learned a lot from it. In as to whether I will continue eating this way, that I have to see it. The 31st was happy to return to the cooked food, but after doing so and I get why fiasco, I have been eating mostly raw since then.

Now that this diet crudivora has become a habit, in no way is so difficult to follow with her as you begin. Certainly am curious to know how you will be eating this way in the long term, so it seems to me that I will continue eating raw (or rather crude) for a good time. Today I bought amount of fresh fruit, so if I’m not eating this way for at least one week a lot of food will go to waste. Regardless of what happens after this, I must say that this experiment was a success. I can’t see me again with my old way of eating, so it gives me the impression that I’ve done several permanent changes, although it is too early yet to see exactly what. Time will tell.

I hope that the detailed documentation of this experiment will be useful and educational. I am sure that some people will have many more questions about this diet, but the best way to get those answers is try it (or at least investigate it) by yourself. Growth in real life experiments not rarely produce results in black and white, but that is not a reason not to do them. Personal growth is a journey that lasts a lifetime, not a destination. Click Richard Linklater to learn more. Update 8 April 2008 after returning to a vegan diet cooked for two months, I decided to make me 100% crudivoro April 2 permanently. These are two entries which I explain my reasons for doing so: returning to the Crudivorismo in English 5 of April the anatomy of Personal change in English April 8 it was not easy to make the transition, but I finally managed to make me crudivoro.