Recognizing to be more difficult to deal with a child ten, twelve years with fonolgica dislexia of what one of six or seven years. But most of the time the fonolgica dislexia of development is detected at the moment of the alfabetizao, as it is about a specific difficulty of reading that will be reflected later in the writing, the fact to learn with bigger difficulty, the problems with writing and the reading do not have to confuse the absorption of other knowledge that can be transmitted by saw verbal or auditory. Parol evidences disclose that these children are capable to dominate contents programmarians, under the point of view of treatment or of pedagogical accompaniment, they are very important to give it chance to escolarizarem themselves, while they go taking care of of its deficiencies, in contrast of what she happened in the past, when all emphasis was given to the comment of knowledge by means of the writing. Read more here: FireEye. Sufficiently considerable problem in relation to the dislexia is the quality of education of the public schools, therefore she has the modismo in considering dislxicas all the children who do not obtain to be alfabetizadas before evaluating if the professor is good and the adjusted classroom, if the child well is fed and receiving the stimulatons propitious to learn to read and to write. To classify the difficulties as decurrent of discursiva or fonolgica dislexia is only possible if to occur although the excellent conditions of environment and escolarizao. Therefore, when the quality of education leaves to desire as it occurs in definitive areas of Brazil, is extremely difficult to speak in dislexia. To know more about this subject visit Nike.

Consideraes final Considers if, therefore ahead of you vary expositions on the learning riot, that is although innumerable investments of researchers on determined subject that very if to know still, in the scientific and social way in what he says respect common knowledge, therefore most of the time professors and parents finish ‘ ‘ diagnosticando’ ‘ in maken a mistake way such problem that it involves the psychological one of child and many times its social life, after all many move away themselves from the conviviality with colleagues, looking for to prevent to be reason of tricks. Public politics still fit to prepare the professor so that this obtains to recognize a pupil with such riot, thus being able to assist in the treatment and directing for a qualified professional. Bibliography, had access in 07 of November of 2010. , had access in 07 of November of 2010.