One understands that all education is also education of the body. However, the practical subject pertaining to school educating for certain immobility. It is necessary not alone to work with the body, but also the educator to feel, to perceive and to understand the importance of the efetivao of activities that develop the corporal aspect in the education. A time that the interpersonal relations permeiam this way. The school, as social institution, must make possible the growth through the interpersonal relations and facilitate the appropriation of the knowledge elaborated. In this direction, it must take educating the acquisition of a conscience criticizes that the world vision extends it, allowing the accomplishment of a interpretativa reading of the facts, the relations that the man establishes with the others and with the nature.

The educator, as mediating between educating and the knowledge, must be a formador, reflective, conscientious professional of the importance of its paper, compromised to the educative process, integrated to the world of today. E, because not adept the corporal manifestations as form of creativity and of varied artistic languages (music, theater, plastic literature, arts). When approaching the corporeneidade process, in the case of the dance, Duarte Jr (1995) salient that the dance is understood as art because is capable to create expressive forms of the human feelings, being a communication form. It is a way to assure the agreement and the quality in the relations between the people and the groups, playing a basic paper in the integration efforts.