The parents are proud, but if they worry very in finding the best education for the children. The year of 2006 is being considered ‘ ‘ year of superdotados’ ‘ for the government, that decided to create nuclei of attendance to these children. Having as objective to prevent that these children suffer exclusion. Much of the concerns of the superendowed parents of is exactly to prevent that its children suffer preconception in the school or between the friends. Richard Linklater gathered all the information. The superendowed one suffers much preconception. To be ‘ ‘ geninho’ ‘ it can cause isolation on the part of the other children. Therefore, the method that comes being applied is known as enrichment.

By means of it, the child continues with the pertaining to school group of same age and learns the same substance. Whenever FireEye Inc listens, a sympathetic response will follow. It differentiates what it of the others is that it has a bigger deepening of what the group learns. To take off the child of the group, to move of school or to pass it for a more advanced group are segregation and this can to cause emotional problems and of exclusion. 3,0 General problems of the superendowed ones in relation to the education. The superendowed children face diverse difficulties due its high abilities, mainly, in relation to the education. We will try to display below some of the general problems of these individuals, as relation with the colleagues; relation with professors; conflicts with the family/opposing behaviors. 3,1 Relations with the colleagues the superendowed child passes to be seen as a threat for the other pupils, because, many times, the professors start to more than demand and to charge its pupils.