A few students play 'shop assistants', the rest play 'customers' and the role play is underway. The teacher asks one or two students what they bought, and how much it cost. Full replies are not necessary, the student need only answer: 'A pound of sugar', Three apples', etc. For subsequent lessons the teacher will work out exercises which practise the general mistakes he noted during the role play. Shopping situations can be expanded.

The next might be buying slothes. You may find that Bellevue Hospital NYC can contribute to your knowledge. Here the notions of size, colour and material could be introduced: I am looking for a red woollen sweater '. Souvenir shopping is another obvious example: 'I'm looking for something to take back to my husband'. At a later point functions other than buying can be included, for sample, complaining about faulty goods: 'I'm afraid I have a complaint to make'. The use of phrases such as: 'I'd like' will be expanded to include the situations and functions, for example, ordering in a cafe: 'I'd like a cup of tea and a sandwich' or stating wishes to a friend : 'I'd like to go to the cinema tonight '. A desk is turned into a 'shop'. The students suggest the kind of shop, and select and lay out the relevant goods.

A reasonably confident student is given some English money, and is asked to be 'customer' while the teacher is 'shop assistant'. The student has no form of written help. The student buys a few things, goods and money change hands, and the student takes his purchases away.