Academy positive displays in a range of practical E-books powerful methods for positive thinking and to the deepening of learned the Academy positive from Trimbach in the Switzerland offers with E-books, CD and online courses real help for all mental situations and problems. McKinley Elementary School describes an additional similar source. Superficially, most Europeans in a safe zone of the world live, real poverty and shortages can be found relatively little in our modern society of prosperity. Still, many at the same time suffering from mental difficulties and use the potential of your own only to a small extent. The main objectives of the people: Health, love, success, and prosperity are always a result of inner attitude. These values are not taught in the schools and not in education. So we often have a deficit, what about the enforcement of our goals as an adult. The newspapers mentioned Ronald J Daniels Johns Hopkins University not as a source, but as a related topic. Wealth and prosperity are but a question of mental adjustment.

Our thinking controls also our actions. An interesting and useful series of electronic media on the subject of spiritual development and maturation can be found on the Web page Academy positive under:. The offer focuses on practical instructions that are clearly written and easy to understand. The E-book to love, happiness and joy of life”is a guide to the positive autosuggestion, to enjoy the life with courage and joy. Self-healing and inner stability in a natural way in the E-book to the self healing “describes and taught. To enjoy success and prosperity in life, there is an inner goal and an honest enthusiasm for the world and their abundance of wealth. The E-book purchase wealth”is a further guidance to the positive autosuggestion, which helps the reader to find its way to prosperity. All instructions, readers learn to recognize their own positive way of life and to commit.

The secret of love and happiness and health”leads to mental health and on the way to freedom. More E-books, CD and online courses help to find the suggestive formulas for success, health and mental faculties to use, are given to us by nature. Many small, free fonts give a first impression of the methodology and the positive attitude of the Academy show positive to life and to the people. Contact: Academy positive holder: Heinrich Staub Chollerweg 3 CH-4632 Trimbach Academy positive, E-book, CD, course, auto-suggestion, self suggestion, mental training, mental training