For a relaxing holiday with the whole family for a family holiday Lisbon on the Atlantic coast with its mild climate suitable for a few quiet days or weeks to relax and games for the children. Luckily Lisbon is not so crowded as those in Spain, where at once extremely many beds castles in the height are shot mid of 1970s like other coastal towns. That’s why it’s worth really to make a trip to Lisbon, to rent a car and explore the surrounding area. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Cyrus zocdoc. Take a vacation soon after Lisbon and explore the beautiful old town, the picturesque sights of the coast and a special flair, by settling in a seafood restaurant by the sea and enjoy the local cuisine. This article will briefly introduce you to the capital of Portugal and could explain a few beautiful sights so that interested ever be attuned to your holiday. When Lisbon was struck around 1755 by a very strong earthquake, have this not very many monuments can withstand. Succeeded but a small town very close to Lisbon to withstand the quake, so that many old buildings have been preserved. The speech is of Belem, nowadays a suburb of Lisbon, a small town it was previously right next to his big sister.

Every visitor to Lisbon must come to Belem and look at the beautiful white marble buildings, who shine the landscape and put in a particularly good light. Here is also one of Lisbon’s landmarks: the Torre de Belem, the beautiful white tower beside the coast, welcoming the sailors from all over the world and to give them protection. Earlier he served to the Verteigidung, today it is a tourist attraction and if there is, you should must climb the tower over the small bridge leading to him and go to the observation deck and enjoy lovely views over the surrounding countryside. Especially in the evening worthwhile especially and can be a wonderfully romantic Spend time. Another highlight is the Church of Sao Vicente de Fora, which lights up also in white over the environment and receives the visitor from afar, because it is located on a hill, so it’s especially good to see. At the Church, a monastery closes and you can visit the complete system for a very low entry price, and should again take advantage of the opportunity, climb the tower and enjoying lovely views. As a tip for an accommodation, you can live very well in apartments Lisbon and spend a very relaxing holiday.