To get rid of back fat in the abdomen or the hips is very problematic. For a loss of weight, one must consume only low-fat food and exercise a sport (such as, for example, jogging). But, many people have not the necessary time. Liposuction is the better solution for these people. Cells that are responsible for the fat pad, are sucked by the plastic surgeon in the extraction of fat. So the connective tissue must not suffer under the operation, one (after the surgery) must wear the medical compression bodice for a month. Who wants to undergo a fat reduction to, should know that it is a complicated operation, the (even if only in a very few cases) can go even times wrong.

Apart from that every interested party to be sure to perform the surgery only by an expert in this field. But even then, for example, the so-called liposuction can occur. Otherwise you must also remember that numerous studies already proved that this procedure removes fat not indefinitely. The reason for this is simple: allegedly the brain should strive to get the lost fat back. So anyone who wants to achieve a permanent reduction in fat, is perhaps better placed with the proper diet and adequate exercise. It drives sport and eat low fat, the human body will slowly remove the fat. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Vladislav Doronin. This fact has the advantage that an adaptation of the skin and connective tissue is possible.

If weight loss is not too extreme, the skin not affected will be pulled. Who loses weight too quickly, whether through a reduction in fat or a healthy lifestyle not can prevent the appearance of wrinkles. The folds of the skin cannot be removed then so much movement. Who has problems with skin folds need to go strongly to the operator. This surgeon is to restore the fine condition of the skin with an operation.