Fernandez, in the sample that the pertaining to school learning, is a consequence of the social and familiar dynamics and that we must attempt against its diverse causes. The author schematical differentiates situations that if they show as ‘ ‘ no-aprendizagem’ ‘ : failure pertaining to school; problems of learning of the order of the symptom; cognitiva inhibition; oligotimia, based on a psychotic structure. The author in the sample the gravity of the profession of psicopedagogo, where in the schools they request impossible tasks, due to the fact of the extreme amount of demand, questioning the position it psicopedagogo in the school. In this context Fernandez Brides says in them that the professional of the psicopedagogia must filter its information and to question who they are the ones that demand, and until point is not only one complaint. ‘ ‘ Psicopedagoga or psicopedagogo is somebody that convokes all to reflect on its activity, to be recognized as authors, to enjoy what they have to give. Somebody that helps the subject to one to discover that it thinks, even so he remains very buried, in the deep one of each pupil and each professor.

Somebody that allows to the professor or the teacher to remember itself of when was boy or girl. Somebody that allows each inhabitant of the school to feel the joy to learn stops beyond the requirements of resumes and notas.’ ‘ (FERNADEZ. P.35. 2001) The author in page 38, adds that ‘ ‘ escuta’ ‘ of the psicopedagogia she does not place yourself in the pupil, in the professor, the society or family, and yes in the multiple relations between them. The clinical psicopedaggica intervention is characterized by the correction or remediation of some difficulty presented for the pupil.