Dreams and devaneios now permeavam still the immaculate landscape of its feelings. the horizon that now enxergava seemed illuminated for the radiating light of a thousand sparkling suns YEARS IF HAD PASSED It changed itself for Fine Gold, was to study, wanted to be teacher. She obtained. He was proper of its spirit to educate souls and to instruct intellects. She is born for this. She was never married. The vivacity of its art would fill its existence total. I sighted it another day, of far, when passing per the Road Station, back in Fine Gold, when it already went to embark in the bus.

I called it. It looked at it recognized me. It sketched a wide smile, it waved to me with an gracious gesture and entered in the vehicle. I could notice that its eyes still were two livings creature archotes (emeralds stoned in the singeleza of a cativante smile), that the trails alumiavam for where it followed, since the soul was always to the front, pointing the route of a horizon that it wise person to only identify, without never missing the direction. To read more click here: Carson Wen. Decades transcorridas in an intense attachment to the life the cupinzeiro ways had left register indelvel in the now crisp tez. He is thus same. The hand of the time leaves calluses for where it passes. Calosa hand! Impious memories to produce homesickness ecstasies; a poem never declaimed still entalado in the throat Its look and its smile had revived unusual a conserved burning hot flame with desvelo; e, frmitos of agony now sweated to appreciate displayed rags of a still smoky heart.

It relit one old passion, born in a calmness climate that still disquiets. I follow walking amuado, trying to aligeirar the step, tacking dumb solilquio that, interior it sweetens the agreement, but it places in polvorosa mine discouraged dreams. Mind one of the songs that it always entoava, when absorbed in its domestic afazes comes me it: ' ' Today my chest is crying, is asking for pra you to come back; to its it left me departure suffering, the return only can cheer to me. Although sad I sing this mine I sing, while I wait its to return; if in the distance it makes to feel homesickness, its return will make me sonhar' '. Singing it packed in candy smoothness all its thoughts. Remembering its I sing is for me one prece that it comforts mine mutilated hopes and it brightens up my desperation. The destination always lived of implicncia with me It prepares Homesickness, goes you even so. Already it is sufficient to punish the absence of it, that it followed with its admirable altivez the direction indicated for always defined contours of its so lulled to sleep dreams well. Week that comes I go the Fine Gold with my nephew, who goes to decide subjects in the Public Distribution. I go to be seated in the bank of the Road Station, waiting while it goes there. In the Distribution costuma to have much people, the attendance is delayed