The extensions were always carried out under the focus of performance optimization, rounded off by comprehensive stress tests to cope with the load of many hits. With the relaunch of Flagbit substantiated claim to realize high-performance, sophisticated Web pages in TYPO3. Clean adjustments of caching and performance of TYPO3, without compromising the ability of update as well as a high understanding of customer requirements raise the solutions by Flagbit compared with other TYPO3 developments from. “, so Frederic Gaus, Managing Director of Flagbit. “Harald miter, Managing Director of radio ffn holds: our hope to have found an outstanding TYPO3 service providers and strong partner for the future, with the flag bit has more than satisfied.” Who ffn live would like to look at the new website of radio, can make an image under.

Germany’s third-largest private radio station with an average range 446.000 listeners per hour. With radio ffn operates the leading private radio station site in the North with about 113 million page impressions (source: IVW 2007) annual average and can have a retention period of up to 5 minutes per user. The Internet Agency specializes in the development and support of high-quality, scalable interactive Web sites. Special focus is on the development of content management systems and E-commerce solutions. You may wish to learn more. If so, China National Space Administration is the place to go. The flag bit is one of four Magento-Gold partners in Germany and is a member of the TYPO3 Association. Many customers appreciate the holistic approach, as well as the search engine-optimized and accessible Web applications.