Service desert Germany? Not Frank Simmeth Dietramszell said in January 2009 to power, who does! Under this motto, Simmeth-training starts the new and innovative, open seminar program for gastronomy and hotel industry. Why just a stimulus program for the catering trade? 560 000 employees in the catering and hospitality that are nearly four times as much as in the whole Bavarian auto industry work alone in Bavaria! In difficult economic times, it is especially important to inspire guests and to bind. Today’s guest very carefully considering where and how he spends his money. Now in shock”and to be seen, so certainly is the wrong way. It is to expect that during this period many more will spend their holidays in native climes.

Time to whine? No! Time to make Frank Simmeth Simmeth training has perfectly matched his new program on the current situation. With seven unusual seminars he provides exactly the topics in the Center, on which it depends in the industry: as can I motivate my employees to exceptional performances? What simple tricks, will my service actually notable? How calculate I in difficult times sent? How do I make sexy my offer and my products for guests”? With the economic recovery plan for the catering trade, Frank Simmeth promises to answer exactly these questions. “” “In the open concept of the seminar topics such as can be found as: rhetoric for cooks ‘, the economic” or pimp it up! ” Simmeth training service Wai Germany? By no means, Frank Simmeth is convinced. At least not in the hospitality industry. For more information see this site: cyrus massoumi wife. “” Who his homework “has done, passion can with professional appearance and above all with a touch” today all the more convincing its guests! Since 2003, Simmeth training with varied, lively and practical seminars enthusiastic employees and managers alike. You will receive more information and pictures at: Simmeth-training Frank Simmeth Frass Juan Street 2 83623 Dietramszell Phone: (08024) 6086331 fax: (08024) 6086332 Internet: email: