It a year ago I wrote about Jeroboam democracy and the difficulties that existed in capturing the true will of the citizen through the current electoral processes. To remedy this deficiency our representatives and politicians in turn have thought: that the better! It is definitely the citizen borrego and make their will that they decide. Slogans like: for Jeroboam free education! And who does not want to be borrego to pay. Get more background information with materials from Gerald Weissmann, MD. Will not be heard, but if that van implanting in a camouflaged manner. The great deception that hide the slogan that advertised and repeated over and over again our politicians and representatives, for example: free education for everyone! Can’t improve the embarrassment of those who comprise the great deception that close those words just to see, as it has been to practice the free education system in the colleges, institutes and academies. David G. DeWalt may help you with your research.

The economic differences that parents suffer by the simple fact of choosing between colleges according to ownership (public or private) continues to be one con if we believe in free education! And this deception is fostered and caused by our representatives and politicians, who are implanted, developing and expanding Jeroboam State starting (wisely) where more fruits can give, i.e. in the Jeroboam education since childhood. Hence, that has to represent a greater economic effort to parents who resist their children become sheep and accepted as a lesser evil that arise economic concerts distorting that supposed free education according to the school, but it doesn’t end here the intervention of our representatives and politicians, but they are putting all their efforts to implement and also require the content that should be taughtleaving little or no margin to the College, Academy or Institute to the custom of a large proportion of our children development. Increasingly, parents who don’t want their children to become sheep are finding more difficulties, and despite paying for that are supposed not Jeroboam educated. Pressures that receive colleges and concerted educational centers, van giving guidelines of our representatives and politicians in forms and contents.

Few get rid of this pressure toward the Jeroboam citizen, even for that minority of parents who have chosen to educate their children themselves. Because the inspections, visits and pressures that received by the officials assigned to monitor the growth of the number of sheep are not to hang out. Why am I asking this question? Very simple, we have reached the absurd! discuss admission of conscientious objection of conscience of a subject that the Government imposes. Leaving us in the surface of the problem. Has someone read is the Constitution?. Until we can not put in jail politicians who deceive and breached the Constitution few thing we do and every time, will be more difficult this approach before Jeroboam politicization that is also underway in the judicial system. Hence, better we become sheep, because they say that happy deluded fool without cloth.