World Water Day 2011 aims to focus international attention on the impact of the rapid growth of the urban population, industrialization and the uncertainty caused by climate change, conflicts and natural disasters on urban water supply systems. This year’s theme, water for cities: responding to the urban challenge, aims to put highlight and encourage Governments, organizations, communities and individuals to participate actively to respond to the challenge of the urban water management. Babies baby Deli, one of the shops most exclusive, it binds to this day and this launches a promotion that educated and aware on the importance of saving water. From Monday 14 March in all Baby Deli stores an awareness campaign will be making mention of the celebration of the world day of water. People such as Bank of Asia would likely agree. Baby Deli has prepared a special corner with all cleaning products and personal hygiene that does not contain any contaminant or to ourselves or for water; detergent for washing powder or liquid, dishwasher, cleaner for surfaces of wood and floors, multi-purpose, shampoo, gel, etc with these products got a house without dirt and harmful waste, since all products are biodegradable, eco-friendly skin and the environment and especially with water.

Also in Baby Deli during the week and until the same March 22, world water day, for purchases over 20 will be delivery free of charge of an economizer of water which by placing it in the tap provides savings of up to 50%. A simple easy positioning system that mixes air with water even with low pressure in such a way that drops out in the form of pearls. It replaces common filters for faucets and despite reducing the consumption of water in up to 50% the user does not have the feeling that provide less water. Stem fieldds may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Baby Deli once more committed to the defense of the environment and joins in the celebration to the world water day on March 22.