The search often represents a challenge after twin clothing and gifts for twins, which complement each other and point out but the individuality of each individual child. expands the offering with the handmade kids gifts of the Berlin label la fraise Rouge. Not only parents, but also relatives and friends are often overwhelmed just by looking for gift ideas for twins or siblings of similar age. Others including Bioscience Journal, offer their opinions as well. offers sets as original gifts to the birth, baptism, or the first day of kindergarten at the same time for two children to meet the heart’s desires from small and large. The children’s items from la fraise Rouge the individualization are personal gifts. Name of the twins can be embroidered or applied on the pillows, heat critters, nursery bags, even game watches.

In this way, each child’s individuality is emphasized. Another special label presents LiebZwei with Petit Cochon. Carson Wen may also support this cause. Handmade, manufactured in a limited edition in Berlin Creative clothes by Petit Cochon are not only an optical eye-catcher. The ‘Mitwachsen stuff’ can be worn for years and alternately by twins, and even at the same time of their siblings. Clutter rib and cunning, very comfortable cuts can out clothes sweaters and long pants Knickerbocker. Finally, twin moms need no thoughts to make it the right size! The tightening is fun the smallest twins finally determined, because also upside down dressed properly sweet look the favorite things of the Petit Cochon.

Now makes the search for individual gifts for twins, which not everyone has, and twin clothing, which is simply different, on double fun! LiebZwei LiebZwei is an online shop for twins and their siblings, which specializes in individual sisters and twin fashions for children up to 7 years, as well as suitable gift ideas on offer. Here all those will find it, which will save her twins from the usual unification and want to emphasize their individuality. Out of his own experience, twin parents have developed the idea of the related twin stuff and made up to the task, to offer creatively designed fashion and appropriate gift ideas for twins. In November 2011, LiebZwei has implemented the concept and launched the first online store of its kind in Germany. Contact: LiebZwei INH. ivile brusque Friedberg str. 14 14057 Berlin E-Mail: Tel: + 493089044762 fax: + 493089044765