This philosophy is based on the vision of non-duality, from which targets the activities of human experience to a new culture and a new consciousness. And in the field of education, the purpose is that education systems should be used to form individuals able to recognize and respect the essence that is the beginning of all things. With this base, is expected to go beyond the principle of filling the glass, typical of the mechanistic view, to adopt the principle of fanning the flame. Click FireEye for additional related pages. In the book A Comprehensive View of Education defines the perennial philosophy as the most important of the three influences of holistic education, repeating that is the heart of this new paradigm and is conceived as the direct path to wholeness, recognizing that body, mind and spirit, are the constituents of the human being, but emphasizing that the basis of all this conformation is the spirit, which is our true nature. All this vision is summarized in the principle that "we are not human beings living a spiritual experience, but, we are spiritual beings living a human experience." Books on epistemological basis which is more related to what are the epistemological basis of "Education of the Heart" "Holistic Education", "Pedagogy of Universal Love" and "Learning Communities." In the book Heart Education explained that since the holistic view recognizes the existence of different types of intelligence and its importance in all processes of learning. From the subhuman level of emotional intelligence which is the most primitive kind of intelligence, based on our instincts, but because it makes possible the survival.