Music plays a very important role for the Icelanders anyway and is an integral part of the culture since the settlement of the Inselvolkchens. It is rumored that each population in at least a band plays and there are more bands than families. No wonder, then, that arrive from somewhere always any experimental sounds to the ear of the tourists. Until today the individual form of the folk song is sung, the rimur is simply for large family parties. Also the many open air music festivals on Iceland, where you just can meet a whole series of Icelandic music styles are recommended. Icelanders wear a spacesuit but not all, see but yet very similar in the current fashion.

At least this impression, if you stroll through the streets of the capital. Do have”a Flaneur in Reykjavik without the must, a Lopapeysa is definitely a tourist. The traditional sweater from pure sheep’s wool is absolutely en vogue on the island. But beware: A real connoisseur of Iceland pulls himself the warm sweaters directly from the body, when the first rays of the Sun can be seen and the spring announces itself with mild temperatures on Iceland This means: at approximately ten degrees Celsius. Additional information at Cyrus zocdoc supports this article. Even though the times of the rugged Viking in Iceland belong to the past, the eating habits reminiscent of culinary sometimes still the dining plans of the military sailors.

Because treats land in a traditional restaurant ever as fermented shark, sheepshead aspic or sour pickled RAM testicles on the map. Tourists should start with a medium-sized serving of dried fish. This is for the palate and nose some getting few bites but the predisposes alternative, after the first. The mini Brennivin Icelanders used to wash it down the right savory treats”, also black death” called. The firewall has an alcohol content of 37.5 percent and flushes all concerns them overboard after two or three glass in addition to bacteria.