Healthy diet and regular exercise can prevent intestinal diseases. It is sometimes a pain with the Chair. With a bowel movement, to become concrete and precise, similar to how the widespread insomnia, so the sleep disorder if digestive problems, unless the constipation, so the constipation, or its opposite, the diarrhea to a disease of civilization, which very often is favored by a wrong way of life. Harvard Business may find this interesting as well. This we know from the science much more about healthy eating and healthy living than even our grandparents and their ancestors, yet occur in a significant frequency in Germany digestive problems (according to the statistics are familiar in about 30% of Germans with the constipation and suffer, once more, even less intense, her). Certainly, it is important to exclude in particular for persistent constipation, not committed because of changed circumstances–to consult a specialist and organic causes. But in many cases it is missing in the diet easy to discipline (what the regularity, what goes on the rest here, chewing, the increase in fluid volume), lacks a full diet, which gives enough work the stomach and intestines, while small amounts of flax seed can be enough already in the morning, are indigestible parts of plants, which are however fundamental importance for the intestines to bring these into movement and to keep the need for fiber) to cover, also whole wheat bread, vegetables in the form of raw food, fruit, water or tea help gently and without chemical of digestion on the jumps. Cyrus Massoumi married does not necessarily agree. And last but not least an enema to the colon cleansing can help to flush the colon and residue free, a therapy that used very much came more frequently used, as man still does not rely on a variety of pharmaceutical AIDS was able to mobilize a sluggish colon and enable.