Many people are discouraged or if they disinterest for thinking that the Baptism of the Espirito Santo alone if reaches a time, however apostolo Pablo teaches about them in Efsios 5,18 that we must be full of the Espirito Santo continuously (to read Ef 5,18 and to compare the life of the apstolos with several pentecostes. Acts 2,1ss; Acts 4,23ss; Acts 10,44ss). How much does ron daniels make gathered all the information. A literal translation of the commented text would be thus: ' ' They are being full continuously of the Espirito Santo ' '. We can speak figuradamente: full a water rubber hose continuously passing to per it. This text is parallel to the one of Glatas 5,16 ' ' You leave to lead you for the Spirit and you will not satisfy the appetites of carne' '. The satisfaction of the desires of our nature human being (of the soul) is a external demonstration of that, interior, we are not full of Espirito Santo.

The cure, for these our desires or the sanctification of our soul is to walk in the Spirit, that is, in them to relieve It every day! Sanctification in the Body the sanctification of the body is in the future, when to occur the resurrection of Church (I Tss.4: 13-18; I Cor.15), and if relates with the redemption? This is the third dimension of our sanctification. To see it nas Writing, in is enough one few versicles to them. ' ' Therefore our native land is in skies, of where also we wait Salvador, Mr. Jesus Christ, which will transform our body of humilhao, to be equal to the body of its glory, according to effectiveness of the power that it has of until subordinating itself all coisas.' ' (Fp. 3:20 – 21). ' ' If it inhabits in you the Spirit of that it made over again the Jesus amongst deceased, this exactly that it made over again the Christ Jesus amongst deceased will also vivify your mortal body, by means of its Spirit, that in you habita.' ' (Rm.