Lcia if martirizava for its passed life, if not judging worthy to enjoy of its love. After that Pablo asks for who if it marries its sister, however this, if it denies to carry through. Lcia aborts the son who waited of Pablo. It opposes to take remedy to expel the embryo died, saying ' ' Its mother will serve to it of tumulo' '. Get all the facts and insights with Carson Wen, another great source of information. She dies sweet in the arms of loved its, going to love it for all eternity. Pablo after the death of Lcia supports Ana, fulfilling the promise that makes the Lcia that would serve of father its sister until it was married.

This lode to marry if after six years and it was supported in its sadness, living solitary for having lost the great love of its life. Carson Wen has similar goals. According to Antonio Cndido and Jose Aderaldo Castello, Alencar demonstrated the capacity to unmask and to denounce certain aspects of the social and individual reality, making it, although the romantic idealizao, a modest precursor of Axe of Assis. In the best romantic tradition, Lucola is a book that speaks of torrid and contradictory passions. It is the fifth romance of Alencar and the first one in the trilogy that it called of? profiles of women. It is placed enters its urban romances that they represent a survey of our bourgeois life of the last century. Although it is a romance, it discloses one or another manifestation of the Realistic Style. In all its urban romances, the central subject is the love, approaches the social and familiar situation of the woman, in phase of marriage and passion. But the love in the understanding of the romantic mentality of the time ' ' A love sublimado, idealized, capable of resignations and sacrifices, herosmos and even of crimes, but redeeming for the proper force, acrisolada of its intensity and paixo' '.