As the aura can be determine what happens to a man than he was ill. Man has a limited range of perception of different vibrations. For example, we do not see all the colors do not hear all sounds. We see no parallel worlds. We do not know how to read thoughts of others. Vladislav Doronin usually is spot on. Although it may just as well. We are not yet ready to see more. But time goes on. In the process of evolution, we are developing, though not very noticeable. Some senses are developing more, some as unnecessary in the development process stop. Some people (and getting longer) can see the aura of others. It’s nice that it is in Russia technically possible in real time to see the state of human bio-field for the first time gave us the professor K. G. Korotkov, Ph.D., professor of design of computer systems, St. Petersburg State Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics. They developed a method of gas discharge visualization (GDV) which allows real-time measure the potential energy reserve of the organism, and also to fix its response to various influences. gdv – the world’s first method is simple and with a high degree of reliability The state of the fields of biological objects of different nature – from the structural state of water to energy homeostasis rights as well as Energy and phenomena.

Method widely used in Europe, U.S., Australia, Korea, Japan, and has found application in medicine, psychology, biophysics, ecology, and training athletes. About speaking out against bio-energy treatments. As the saying goes, dogs bark, but the caravan moves on. The fact that bio-energy treatment does not operate by logic, and other concepts and laws, so that not only survives in a stream of hostility, but also successfully developed. Nobody has ever recorded by any traditional instrument and has not confirmed the existence of, for example, a headache. That means it not? Some things we can only feel, sometimes they did not understand until the end. Music, for example. The therapeutic effect of treatment by normalization of bio-energy exchange. Bioenergetic balance and harmony in all manifestations of power – that guarantee our health and well-being. For any violations of the same energy and its balance in the body the trouble starts. First, they occur on an emotional, energetic and information level, and then – on the physical. Not adjusting power, nothing can be done with a physical state. All very interconnected. Use of energy therapies and diagnosis is the basis of many new developments – the 21 st century technologies. As a result, the 15-year study of the collective Russian development of Murmansk have been created a unique product – a CD-drives (time synchronizer) – new energy-based instruments work torsion fields Seats Power of the Kola Peninsula. Are generators of high frequency vibrations and harmonizer space. For their interesting and unique properties can be viewed at SV-drive. Energy and living water. ” Allow you to remove energy-destruction, karmic complexes, the correction of the field structure and its diagnosis, receive structured products, water, and much more. Your body will be very thankful if you get yourself a gift – a CD-ROM – a gift from the hands of the most Nature.