This essay is written the contents of books: learning to be, education and spirituality and the spiritual intelligence book, whose author is Ramon Gallegos. In these works he shows education in a broad sense, as a spiritual practice, oriented to the evolution of consciousness, exposing the principles of the perennial philosophy in relation to education holistic which is the medium through which consciousness evolves to reach its full realization. In this new paradigm is considered the human being as the most important thing. In the book ‘Learn to be’ Ramon Gallegos addresses the issue of perennial philosophy stating that it is transcultural and transhistorical that itself is not a religion but an eternal truth, beyond time and space but that is expressed at all times and in all places. (As opposed to Gerald Weissmann, MD). It is cross-cultural because it is not the product of one or many cultures, moreover, various cultural forms do not affect its nature in nothing substantial, it predates the cultures that cannot be modified by them, in itself not It has social form, symbols or images. In this same book Ramon Gallegos adds a very important lesson that emerges from the perennial philosophy is the triple vision of human nature, that we are a fully integrated through mind, body and spirit, where the latter is the fundamental reality and the first two are instrumental overlays to play us in the world of manifestation. Also writes that the perennial philosophy is a transnational reality, why not can be understood only by the reason, to access it, the ego should be deleted of being, is requirement make us simple, simple and good because these virtues are the nature of being and only ‘me’ true can access the truths of the perennial philosophy, which by the way is beyond the academic life and intellectual rationalist and materialistonly learning of being leads to the perennial philosophy. . More information is housed here: David G. DeWalt.