Summary: This article has as objective to identify the difficulties and to mainly detect the obstacles appeared throughout the formation and faced by the professors in what it refers to learning and consequently to teach the Mathematics, for the Inciais Years. This research was constructed in a qualitative boarding, with the use of tools as the questionnaires, counting on the participation of professors formed in Pedagogia and formandos in the same course of diverse institutions; the Yahoo questions and answers an excellent tool that joins resulted and skillful time with the participation of people with different experiences and diverse places of the country, also contributed as source of information for the accomplishment of this research. This inquiry considers one (reverse speed) valuation of the paper of the professor in the educational process, taking for base the quarrels on the epistemolgicos obstacles and didactic proposals for Bachelard how much to the learning that is constructed throughout the educational process and overcoming of the loaded knowledge of conceptions based on the common sense become that them estagnados and without spaces for new constructions. To the light of this inquiry we observe that the obstacles always will appear that they possess diverse natures and that, therefore, the notion that involves these impediments in them allows to identify and to understand the difficulties found for the professors in the education process/learning of the knowledge come back toward the Mathematics. Word-key: Professor. Obstacles. Learning. Education.