Computer games – this is well and good, say researchers in the field of social vzaimotnoscheny studied the effect of popular shooter Counter-Strike. People who do not play in shooters such as Counter-Strike or Quake perceive them completely one-sided: you come, you shoot everything that moves from the terrifying arsenal, you go out. But serious studies show that these games are much deeper and more complex than most believe. The following briefly describes the major culture and developed community surrounding the game, as well as some of the factors stunning popularity. Group shooting.

Since the release of Counter-Strike in March 1999 he achieved immense popularity. The simplest story – terrorists against counter-terrorism – has made him the most popular online game of all time. But for basic prerequisite is hiding a complex culture that ignores most of the social studies. Professor Talmadge Wright and colleagues Loyola University in Chicago, spent hours studying the culture of Counter-Strike directly in the game and looking at logs word battles. Professor Wright argues that the Counter-Strike is more than a brutal and continuous gunfire murder. Strategy and tactics used by players and clans in battle, doing something akin to the CS than chess. Social significance of Counter-Strike opens in continuous podkolkah, jokes and lunges, which men share in the game, says Professor Wright.

For foreign language not understood this, which leads to misinterpretation proihodyaschego. Players also bring some of its off-line culture of real-life game. This is most noticeable when playing the youngest players – Mathematics and sex are a large part of their sentences. But it would not be considered true misanthrope players. According to the professor 'is the most common emotion in the game – it's laughter. " The main reason for swearing in the game – this is something that the players well aware of each other and can not afford it in a friendly environment. Multiplayer. Games like Counter-Strike, based on joint action and confidence, develop strong friendships and social relationships. As a result, the soldiers prefer to play with those they know and the amount of abuse sharply reduced the appearance of strangers. Moreover, apart from good tactics, players like to perform stunts, elegant by nature, worked out well or use features of the card. The names of the elected for his online alter-reflect on how the game-patrons are Counter-Strike. The license allows you to create your own modifications – another attractive factor. 'The game gives people the opportunity to feel yourself in the role that they can not take in real life and play with their own feelings for. " says Professor Wright. "This is an area where you can escape from everyday life and by mono leave at any time. You are invited to play with what you fear in real life, but Beh any consequences. " For these reasons, Professor Wright is sure that the games are useful for the players. Previously, similar studies have been distorted by public opinion. According to him, 'The cultural motif, giving the basis for the critics of online games is simple – the idea of mindless pastime is not supported by society, whereas all enthusiasm given to maximum productivity and performance. "