Study mistakes and learn from them. When you see that at least 60% of responses in the test is correct, crank another Englishman in icq or Skype and practice conversational English. Then go on a book on the pet (Preliminary English Test). For example, pet Testbuilder, publisher MacMillan. With knowledge at this level and following such a strategy can be continued further to study English on their own to the highest level.

2. With a private tutor, this method of learning for people who have: Free time to go to that teacher or the terms of home / office to invite him to her; A sufficient quantity of resources as well as the services of good teachers are always expensive. Choosing the teachers 'cheaper' cost, ultimately, much more expensive, because at best a very long time will learn the language, and at worst – and then have to be retrained. Do not forget that teach people from scratch is easier than to retrain. In this version of you depends only on the careful selection of teachers and the rest – it's his job, provided that you follow his instructions. When choosing a teacher, it is desirable to focus not on his 'crust', and his real knowledge, ability to explain and ability to develop an approach to practice with you, and inspire, which is important. Test the teacher can be the first lesson and it is desirable that this session was attended your friend who is fluent in English.