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Specialized advisors of Questico have predicted several times, free successfully the future../tarot-kostenlos.htm for example, on by Tarot on Questico. The Sabine Tonke Questico psychic on, said../hellseherin.htm, with their psychic abilities, the pregnancy be known six months before by Jennifer Lopez ahead. Also saw Questico soothsayer Bernd Kreuzer on../wahrsager.htm aka El Fantadu half a year before the parliamentary elections before the merger of the Grand Coalition. Questico astrologer Andrea Buchholz predicted the stars 2008 for Merkel and Beck. These are just a few examples that show the competence of Questico consultants. Divination and clairvoyance as a trend among celebrities increasingly committed celebrities, to seek advice from fortune-tellers. Divination and clairvoyance on Questico under../wahrsagen-und-hellsehen.htm helps not only the correct Decision to make. So, the advisors of Questico are also advice in difficult situations.

You must be but not necessarily as famous as Jennifer Lopez or Angela Merkel, to consult at Questico. Who would have a forecast for 2008, can find the right consultants on the portal of life advice by Questico and predict the future that fortune telling is booming not only for Uri Geller. It is a centuries-old tradition that continues Questico with a free initial consultation. Online product PR: Questico AG Emina SAHOVIC PR / Marketing Assistant Zimmerstrasse 68 d-10117 Berlin Tel: 030 / 72 62 68 0 fax: 030 / 72 62 68 111 E-Mail: website: about Questico: Questico AG is Germany’s leading group of companies for services, content management, and counseling related to astrology, horoscopes and Tarot reader. Among other things, the online magazine of Questico and the print magazine future look belongs to the group”: the monthly magazine about astrology, horoscopes and Tarot. Winfried Noe, Hajo Banzhaf and 30 other authors to write for the modern woman magazine. Astrologers and psychics by Questico help daily on ASTRO-TV or on the Internet at astrotv.de via live stream.