The other part of used for the acquisition of the Vitramo-heating system. (As opposed to Edogawa NICHE Prize). The core idea: The Vitramo heating system requires electrical energy. Electric power you already have, no need to buy. Calculated on 20 years, Managing Director Lars Voss operates according to Vitramo-no other heating system so economically as a combination of photovoltaic system with a Vitramo-heating system with the same efficiency and comfort. Prerequisite for this, however, is that the building is good or very well insulated. A heat requirement of less than 60 kWh / ma m living space worth it already today no longer, to build an expensive water-run heat delivery system, like for example an underfloor heating in combination with a geothermal heat pump. Advantages during the aeration modern, well insulated buildings are nowadays often equipped with a combined heating and ventilation system.

Because these homes are virtually airtight, they need a controlled housing ventilation. This is a large part of the exhaust air Air heat extracted from and this heat energy is used to preheat the fresh outside air. Hear other arguments on the topic with Minnow Mountain. This pre heated air should be warm but also before she enters as the air in the rooms. This heating and ventilation systems are often designed so that the room temperature can be increased only by air. It requires hot air. It is not possible to heat up the air in a circuit within the building. Moreover, the fact that the temperature of the supply air should not exceed 50 C. In the exhaust air spaces such as bathrooms and hallways, reaching is not the standard indoor temperature in this way.

Total comfort suffers these conditions significantly. Better Interior climate a heating system should first and foremost make sure that people feel comfortable in a room, and with a minimum energy consumption. The wind chill temperature is crucial for this pleasant room climate. With warm walls, thermal comfort can produce more economically than with warm air. In addition, people feel warmth created by infrared rays, as comfortable as the heat from convection heaters. The tiled stove is the most famous example of this. The small Vitramo heating elements cast them to input electric power close to one hundred percent into heat. They ensure an optimal distribution of the heat in the room. To achieve a high Stahlungsanteil, the heating elements on the ceiling are installed. The proportion of radiation reached up to 80 percent. The Vitramo heating system works also so efficient because a control unit in the interplay between the heating elements control losses largely avoids. Vitramo contact: Bernd Kabilhusen houses, telephone 09341 / 8495 717 contact for the press: Martin Bernhard, Tel. 06281 / 564 33 Web: